Community check cashing brick nj list

Community check cashing brick nj list

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Why should you use a Check Cashing Station to cash your check?

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Check Cashing Station is your nice, neighborhood business that has been proudly helping you with all of your financial needs for over 18 years. If you’re coming in to cash a check, pay a bill, submit a money order, pick up a prepaid debit card, make a wire transfer, or use the ATM, you can still expect the best service and the lowest fees.
What do I need in order to cash a check made out to my company?
After filling out our application and becoming a daily customer, we will gladly cash all checks made payable to your business. Your Tax ID/Federal ID, Company Formation Papers, Ownership Papers, and Trading-As Papers will all be needed (if applicable).

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For over 20 years, Community Check Cashing has been serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties! Depending on the check, we give the best possible rates ranging from 1.4 percent to 3%. Our mission is to make your life simpler, so let us assist you in getting your money as soon as possible, with no delays or holdings. We cash a wide range of checks, but we specialize in serving small business owners. Visit our small business page for answers to a variety of questions. Money orders, money transfers, credit cards, and bill payment are all available at Community Check Cashing. To satisfy all of your check cashing needs, come to one of our four convenient locations today!
You’ll need to open an account with Community Check Cashing in order to cash checks made out to your business. It’s a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes to complete! Both incorporated and unincorporated businesses are accepted. Please carry your company documents (certificate of incorporation or trading as papers, as well as the IRS letter issuing your EIN) and your identification. We’ll give you some paperwork to fill out, and then you’ll be finished! You’ll be able to deposit checks made out to your company with us once you’ve opened a business account with us, and you’ll be eligible for our exclusive business customer rates. To make it even simpler for you, we can email or fax you the paperwork you’ll need to fill out so you’ll be prepared when you arrive! To obtain the required documentation, simply contact us here or call your nearest Community Check Cashing branch.

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