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President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination shatters all expectation of a smooth post-war recovery for the citizens of New York City and the United States as a whole. Detective Kevin Corcoran is on the move… The greater Copper family gathers around Detective Kevin Corcoran, who is reeling from a devastating loss, both uptown and in Five Points. Freeman goes above and beyond in his attempt to cure on a larger scale…
Due to the impending destruction of Five Points, Detective Kevin Corcoran is forced to take drastic measures against Tammany Hall. Doctor Matthew Freeman is pushed to his limit by old and new injuries. As Elizabeth will say…
The story is set in the 1860s in New York City’s Five Points district, and it follows a tough young Irish policeman as he navigates his unruly and violent immigrant neighborhood while dealing with the uptown Manhattan crowd and the black community.
The proof from history is right. The cast is well-rounded, with many unknowns in the United States. Several of the cast members have Shakespearean acting experience, as shown by their delivery. This improves the quality of the performances. The “mystery” posed in the first episode appeals to me. This helps the history to develop as the story progresses. For this material to expand, many openings were revealed. The beginnings of a budding city that will develop into a great city are fraught with difficulties. This is well shown in the story. I appreciated the artistry used to depict the deep class divisions that existed in early America. The Irish element’s intensity is brilliantly depicted.

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The date was February 5, 1865. Five points is already a shambles. At an unprecedented pace, young men are dying and vanishing. The Sixth Ward is terrorized by a career criminal, and Detective Kevin Corcoran must bring an end to his reign of terror. With Tammany Hall’s demands on the police department, the coppers follow Ward Leader General Brendan Donovan’s instructions.
Detective Kevin Corcoran leaves no stone unturned in his quest for answers as more bodies of young men are discovered – as other teenagers continue to vanish. For the sake of his community’s wellbeing, Doctor Matthew Freeman takes a drastic decision, pushing his wife Sara to face her past. Meanwhile, a Confederate spy is brought to New York City and is visited by both Elizabeth Haverford and Robert Morehouse in somewhat different ways.
The groups responsible for the abduction and murder of young Five Points men are being pursued by Detective Kevin Corcoran. Corcoran is forced to choose between fealty to the uniform and loyalty to his loved ones as the strain to apprehend the criminals rises. Francis Maguire celebrates his current role in the criminal underworld, as he climbs the criminal elite’s ladder in New York City. As chaos reigns in Five Points, Robert Morehouse and Elizabeth Haverford exchange vows, despite the fact that the evening would be nothing like either of them had anticipated.

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Matt Skwiat/Getty ImagesKevin Ryan and Tom Weston Jones in Copper

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4th of October, 2013 Copper, a popular BBC American television program, was unexpectedly cancelled after its second season last month. The show’s abrupt cancellation took most of its fans off balance, leaving them with unanswered questions.
Copper seemed poised for a long run when it premiered last August on the then-new BBC America channel. The series, which was created and directed by executive producer Tom Fontana with Academy Award winner Barry Levinson and Tom Kelly, focused on the gritty underbelly of New York’s Five Points district in the mid-nineteenth century, where crime and punishment coexisted. The Five Points district, New York’s underbelly, was heavily populated with impoverished and immigrant crowds (many of them Irish). Copper followed Kevin Corcoran, an Irish immigrant police officer who was attempting to solve the crime that had torn his family apart. Although the film received mixed reviews at first, many people saw promise in the character growth, overall plots, and multiple parallels to Martin Scorsese’s film Gangs of New York. Copper was praised by Irish America’s Tom Deignan, who wrote in the October/November 2012 issue that it “paints a vibrant portrait of Irish American life,” adding that it “highlights the journey from the horrors of the Famine to the complexities of 21st century crime fighting and family dynamics.” When the show debuted to 1.1 million viewers, it set a new record for the highest audience for a BBC America series premiere.

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