Correlated to or with reviews

Correlated to or with reviews

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Regarding the usage of correlate “to” or “with,” I have a particular example on which I’d like feedback. ‘Even restricting the plant form to a single species does not always imply (a) satisfactory contraction in the range of values obtained.’
I think I have always seen it as “correlate with” in its statistical sense—there is a method for calculating a “correlation coefficient,” which calculates mathematically the relationship between two sets of quantitative measures. “Annual plant growth in tons per acre is extremely [or strongly] associated with annual rainfall (r =.85), but only weakly with mean annual temperature (r =.23),” it says. *
Regarding the usage of correlate “to” or “with,” I have a particular example on which I’d like feedback. ‘Even restricting the plant form to a single species does not always imply (a) satisfactory contraction in the range of values obtained.’
I have no proof and make no assurances that the information above is right. It’s probably not a law, but using to to connect the subject to the object and with to connect the objects to each other seems reasonable.

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A positive correlation is a relationship in which two variables shift in lockstep—that is, in the same direction. Whether one variable decreases as the other decreases, or when one variable increases as the other increases, there is a positive correlation.
A perfectly positive correlation means that the variables in question shift together by the same percentage and path 100% of the time.
The demand for a commodity and the price associated with that product have a positive correlation. If demand rises and the available supply remains constant, the price will rise.

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I often come across stories that use correlation as an active verb, as in “We then compared A with B and discovered…” This verb, in my opinion, only makes sense in the passive voice, as in “We discovered that A and B were substantially correlated.” I might be mistaken on what constitutes active vs passive voice in terms of grammar, but what I’m describing is the difference between doing something to A and B that causes them to shift, versus computing a third variable (e.g. a R coeff) from them.
Of course, one can actively DEcorrelate two variables, but it seems to me that “correlate” them, rather than implying anything active, is simply a shorthand for determining whether a meaningful correlation exists!
I’m not presenting this as a distinction between active and passive modes, as you are, since that distinction is a red herring in this case. Consider this: the form you prefer to use is “A is correlated to B,” which is passive. The fact that it is passive, however, does not make it more natural to you. It sounds right to you because it’s intransitive, as in active form “A correlates to B,” rather than transitive form “we correlate A to B.”

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Except in situations where the complex instrument containing them is measured at fair value with consequences on the income statement, derivative contracts are shown separately in the books, whether they have a negative value, in the category of financial liabilities retained for trading.
Capacity to inspire a sense of belonging to a specific place and cultural context, the preservation and promotion of traditional knowledge and techniques, the development of area-specific publications, tourism routes and other cultural initiatives, and so on.
On March 5, 2006, the Board of Directors: The rationale for the Stock Option Plan in question, which was approved by the General Meeting on April 29, 2006, is based not only on the excellent results achieved by the Generali Group in recent financial years, partly due to the invaluable work of top management, but is also designed to act as a further incentive thereto, by the use of an instrument that guarantees and aligns the eco system.

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