Criterion hedge fund

Criterion hedge fund

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Criterion Capital Management is a San Francisco-based hedge fund. Criterion Capital Management was founded in 2002 and currently manages $4.4971 billion in assets (AUM). Long/Short is the firm’s specialty, and it employs 13 people.
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Tourbillion capital follows highfields, criterion in hedge fund

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Bebo, a social networking site, was purchased by Criterion in 2010. Bebo was formerly owned by AOL, which paid $850 million for the service in 2008. [4] The transaction fell through because Bebo’s company was in decline. Criterion bought the business from AOL for less than $10 million. (5) [number six] Bebo’s market did not change after the purchase. Minority shareholders sued Criterion for $5 million in April 2012, accusing the firm of “destroying the platform.” Then, in May, TechCrunch announced that Bebo had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy of its own volition. [nine] [eight]

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After founder Jonathan Jacobson sent a letter to investors on Wednesday informing them of his intentions to turn the fund into a family office, Highfields Capital Management announced the closing of its $12.1 billion hedge fund earlier this week. It had existed since 1998, when Jacobson left a trading job to work for Harvard’s endowment, which became the firm’s first client.
“I realized I am ready for a shift after three-and-a-half decades of sitting in front of a screen,” Jacobson wrote, adding that he made the decision after realizing he “could not pull the trigger on making a multi-year commitment to a few potential main hires.” He also acknowledged that the firm’s success over the “last few years” had disappointed him.
Meanwhile, despite the fact that its long-only portfolio has grown by more than 850 percent since it opened 16 years ago, Criterion Capital Management has decided to close its $2 billion fund due to management dissatisfaction with the fund’s results. According to the Wall Street Journal, the portfolio outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 550 percent.

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Modified Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Expected Shortfall (ES) are newly introduced downside risk estimators based on the Cornish-Fisher expansion for non-normally distributed assets such as hedge funds. The modified VaR criterion has been commonly used as a portfolio selection criterion. We are the first to use an updated ES as an optimality criterion to pick hedge fund portfolios. We show that the optimal portfolios based on adjusted ES outperform the EDHEC Fund of Funds index out-of-sample and have better risk characteristics than the equal-weighted and Fund of Funds portfolios for the EDHEC hedge fund type indices.

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