Crossroads pipeline company

Crossroads pipeline company

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Drumright, Oklahoma-based Crossroads Pipeline Services, Inc. is a pipeline construction and maintenance firm. Our management team has over 30 years of pipeline experience in Cushing and throughout North America. In the pipeline industry, we have a wide range of services. We specialize in pipeline design and maintenance. We are proud to deliver competitive prices and experienced workers with a good work ethic. All of our workers are NCCER (ISNetworld) accredited and have current operator qualifications. Our primary concern is for your safety. Our company’s executives have been in the Cushing region for more than 15 years. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future! SECURITY

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The Crossroads Gas Pipeline was built in 1957 to transport oil and converted to natural gas in 1995 by NIPSCO Industries.

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[3] The conversion was part of a plan to transport natural gas from U.S. and Canadian supply basins to developing eastern markets through the Chicago region.

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[4] In 2016, TransCanada bought the pipeline as part of a $10.2 billion deal to buy the Columbia Pipeline Group, a former NiSource subsidiary, and build one of North America’s largest gas transmission networks.

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(5) The Crossroads Pipeline also has several interconnects, including those with Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, Trunkline Gas Company, Vector Pipeline, and Panhandle Eastern, allowing it to reach mid-continent, Rocky Mountain, Gulf Coast, Permian, and Canadian supplies, according to TransCanada. Crossroads has market coverage in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and the Eastern United States. 1st

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Crossroads Pipeline, a subsidiary of NiSource Gas Transmission & Storage (NGTS), announced last week that it has opened an open season for firm transportation service from any existing receipt points to any existing distribution points on its 202-mile gas pipeline that runs from northern Indiana near Chicago to northwestern Ohio.
Requests for deliveries or receipts from or to other companies not currently linked to the pipeline will also be considered by Crossroads. By submitting a request for service by Sept. 28, potential customers can indicate their interest in capacity.
Crossroads runs from Chicago to Cygnet, Ohio, where it communicates with Columbia Gas Transmission’s system. From west to east, peak day deliveries are 120,000 Dth/d cross-system. The pipeline connects to the Midcontinent, Rocky Mountain, Gulf Coast, Permian, and Canadian supply basins via its interconnections with Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America, Trunkline Gas Co., Vector Pipeline, and PanhandleEastern. Crossroads will enter markets in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and the East via its interconnections with these pipelines and local distribution companies.

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The construction of natural gas pipelines is critical for Europe as a whole, and for SEE in particular. Such ventures aim to diversify Europe’s gas supply and distribution routes on the one hand, while also reducing the region’s reliance on Russian gas on the other. Russia is the continent’s most important gas provider, accounting for 25% of all gas imports in the EU alone.
Since many countries’ gas reserves are running out, not only European countries, but also gas giants like Iran and Russia, may be forced to import Caspian gas. The Shah Deniz gas field in Azerbaijan, situated in the south Caspian Sea, has the potential to alleviate Europe’s gas shortages. It is operated by a joint venture between British Petroleum (BP) and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), which goes by the same name.
The Shah Deniz Stage II project is currently being developed by the consortium, and it is projected to produce about 25 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas per year. The project could aid in the opening of the Southern Gas Corridor, a European Commission initiative. The Southern Gas Corridor consists of several energy projects, including Nabucco West, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), and South Stream, with the aim of bringing gas from the Caspian region and the Middle East to Europe.

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