Find the best cvm at sunrise

Find the best cvm at sunrise

Finally, for those who missed it on April 12, Monday, the long-awaited recording of the interview where CVM TV at Sunrise shone brightly on OAaSIS members is visible.
Leighton Levy, a director at OAaSIS, represented the organization. He teamed up with Principal Kandi Lee Crooks-Smith of the Allman Town Primary School, who were recipients of the foundation’s first workshop in 2010, to provide information on the foundation’s work.
In an uncanny way, Levy made viewers aware that, to date, most sponsorship has been achieved in the area of skills, which is extremely difficult to value. While the team’s actual sponsorship has been in the form of Burger King and Berger Paints goods, the workshops have made an impression everywhere they go.
Some projects need funding to cover rising costs for materials and transportation, particularly as more schools and communities request visits. Since then, a book and art supply drive has been launched in preparation for the library and art department to be established at Sargeantville. Mite collection cannisters are now being placed at participating locations to help fund these ventures.

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Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014: Distinction College English & Maths Marathon: English Marathon- Period…

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Marathon of English and Math at Distinction College

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Distinction College hosted an HIV Workshop for nursing and phlebotomy students on March 18, 2014.

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The event was held on April 4, 2014, at the Spanish Town Branch ( 2 Hanover Str…

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7th of April, 2014
The time has come to begin your journey to a good career!
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Distinction College English & Maths Marathon, March 18, 2014
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Delus interviews Kerine Miller and Tamara McKayle and performs live on CVM at Sunrise on September 14. The singer will talk about his humble roots, career highlights, and what’s coming up for the rest of the year after recapping his two-week Japan tour with fellow recording artists Konshens and Darrio.
Delus recently spoke with Zip FM, 102FM, and RETV as part of his media tour. On Friday, September 3rd, Delus performed at the UWI Fresher’s Fete. His success earned him a mention in the Jamaica Star for his well-received performance. The DJ has been busy promoting his new EP “My Truth,” which is available on iTunes and other digital outlets, in addition to performing and doing interviews. The singles “Another Gal” on the Pleasure Riddim, produced by Cash Flow Productions, and “Yuh A Di Wife” on the Trailer Reload Riddim, produced by Subkonshus Music and D&H Productions, are among the other promotional efforts.
Representatives of organisations such as embassies, the entertainment industry, and creative forces whose work is reported on this site are referred to as… The views expressed here may or may not reflect those of the site’s owner, but they are being made public in the interest of the general public. Here’s where you can find me.

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The National Democratic Movement (NDM) is particularly concerned about the National Water Commission’s (NWC) recent announcement that certain communities will receive piped water twice (2) per week. Mondays and Saturdays are, for example, in the Hope Pasture’s field. That’s not good enough! Citizens in all of the impacted areas are unable to go without piped water for long periods of time. Furthermore, rain has been falling.
The NWC has evidently lost sight of their key priority and mandated area of interest, which is to provide safe, filtered, and nutritious drinking water to the people of Jamaica. They seem to have forgotten the proverb “water is existence.”
The NWC’s recent and current acts, such as entering into a multibillion-dollar deal to locate leaks rather than one to harness water, reflect their short-sightedness and lack of understanding of their mandate.
The NDM claims that the three (3) counties of Jamaica have more than enough water that is wasted: the Great River in Cornwall, the Black River in Middlesex, and the Rio Grande in Surrey. The NWC’s concentration, attention, and action should have been on harnessing those sources.

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