Conectar airpods a windows

Conectar airpods a windows

Connecting airpods to android

First of all you should know that, although the AirPods can be used on any device and equipment with integrated Bluetooth connectivity, for more than logical reasons you can not make use of Siri, nor enjoy the almost instant connection via iCloud. Otherwise, you will be able to take advantage of its comfort, lightness and autonomy.
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Como conectar los airpods al iphone

Vincular los AirPods con el PC En tu PC, abre la aplicación Ajustes y elige Dispositivos en el menú principal. En la parte superior de la página Bluetooth y otros dispositivos, asegúrate primero de que el interruptor de Bluetooth esté activado. A continuación, haz clic en Añadir Bluetooth u otro dispositivo en la parte superior, encima del interruptor de Bluetooth. En la ventana Añadir un dispositivo, haz clic en Bluetooth.
Coloca los AirPods en su estuche y abre la tapa. Mantén pulsado el botón de la parte posterior del estuche hasta que veas que la luz de estado entre tus dos AirPods empieza a parpadear en blanco, y luego suéltalo. Tus AirPods deberían aparecer en la ventana Añadir un dispositivo. Haz clic para emparejarlos y conectarlos.

How to connect airpods no iphone

The trend to eliminate cables from all technological products led to the release of Apple’s fully wireless Bluetooth headphones: the AirPods. Launched the first version in 2016, as of today there are two models available on the market: the “normal” version, the AirPods 2, with H1 chip and “Hey Siri” function, and the AirPods Pro, with water resistance and noise cancellation.
Part of the charm of the AirPods over similar accessories from other manufacturers is precisely the H1 chip, which allows the connection between Apple devices to be very fast and stable. However, the AirPods are still Bluetooth headphones, so they are also compatible with smartphones and tablets with Android operating system and Windows PCs.

How to connect airpods to pc windows 7

If you have bought an AirPods, both the normal model and the Pro, you will already know that you can use them with other devices beyond your iPhone, iPad or Mac. It is true that with Apple’s own products everything is much simpler and direct, as well as very visual thanks to those on-screen notifications that appear just by opening the cover of the case that protects them and bringing them close to the computer.
Ready, as you can see, in just a matter of minutes you will have your Apple headphones connected to a Windows PC. And all this without losing the pairing you may have done with your other devices.

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