Conectar bluetooth windows 8

Conectar bluetooth windows 8

How to use bluetooth in windows 8.1 pro

To connect an Android smartphone to a Windows 8 computer we will need the computer to have a Bluetooth connection, either internal (in the case of a laptop, for example) or external (through a receiver connected to the USB port).
The first thing to do is to pair both devices. To do this we must first access the Bluetooth options of our Android device in Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth and configure the device to be visible so that the computer is able to connect to it by clicking on the device name.
We will click on the PC on “yes” and on the smartphone on “link” and the connection will start. After a few seconds we will have our smartphone paired with our Windows 8 computer and we will be able to start using the functions offered by Bluetooth such as sending and receiving files.

How to connect bluetooth to windows 8

In my case this is not the case, I have done several things. I indicated at the beginning that I used an HP driver for the same device an Atheros AR3012, and it worked but only for a while. I don’t know the cause, but it did.
Enough of floro, let’s see, I indicate before that the following lines deal with a maybe final solution “hint”. Before applying it, my laptop (with Windows 8.1) via bluetooth did not link neither with my speaker (Advance Bluetooth), nor with mouse (Genius Bluetooth), nor with my mobile (Huawei Y300), nor with my tablet (Samsung Tab S), but with Windows 8 yes, normal, but if I do not like Windows 8.1 less the 8, I support it the 8.1, the 8 NO.
I have my samgsun laptop and I had this same problem some time ago with windows 8.1 and the only thing I did was to update the drivers entering from the same device settings of my bluetooth and it worked without having to reboot or format or delete it.
Good! It worked for me. Maybe because I disabled all the drivers before and reinstalled them, as they say below; but it was this tool that fixed the problem. Thank you very much!

Connect bluetooth speaker to windows 7 computer

You can pair all kinds of Bluetooth devices with your computer: keyboards, mice, phones, speakers, etc. To do this, your computer must have a Bluetooth connection. Some computers, such as laptops and tablets, have Bluetooth built-in. If your computer does not, you can plug a USB Bluetooth adapter into the USB port to get it.
The activity center is located next to the time and date on the taskbar. From the taskbar, select activity center ( or ) and then select Bluetooth to turn it on. If it is disabled, it may appear as Not Connected.
Note: For more information on how to change the apps and settings that appear in Action Center, see Change Windows 10 notification and action settings.
Windows 10 Quick Pairing allows you to quickly pair a compatible Bluetooth device with your PC. If the Bluetooth device supports Quick Pairing, you will receive a notification when it is nearby and you will need to put it into pairing mode to make it discoverable.

How to know if my pc has bluetooth

I am going to continue the Windows 8 series. Up close focusing on the possibilities of connecting Bluetooth devices to my computer, opening up the possibility of using keyboards, mice, phones and all sorts of other junk.
The final step in making the two devices work in coordination is to make sure they are who they say they are. And to do that on both the computer and the cell phone, an identification code is displayed, which I have to recognize and accept on both.

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