Conectar chromecast a tdt

Conectar chromecast a tdt

Tdt channels wiseplay

The first thing you have to do is go to the app’s website, which is Once you are inside the website, click on the Android or Apple icon to decide whether you want to download the Android app or the iPhone app.
Next, you have to install the app using the executable you download from the website. Depending on the operating system the process is different, although the website explains everything you have to do step by step.
Once you have installed the application, open it to see the list of available DTT channels. Here, take your time to review them, and enter the channel you want to send to the Chromecast to see its options.
When you click on the channel, you will enter its profile. Here, you will be able to see its schedule, and two options to start watching the live broadcast. Here, click on the Broadcast 1 button, which is to watch it natively in the app. You can also watch the web broadcast, but the interface will not be the native one.
The DTT channel you have chosen will start playing on your mobile. If you tap on the screen, you will see the interface with the options. in it, tap on the Chromecast icon to tell it that you want to send the content.

Tdt channels

TDTChannels is currently available as a web and also as an application for Android. In both we can watch most of the DTT channels in streaming so that they load directly by simply clicking on the button of each channel. With this, a computer or a mobile phone that does not have a DVB-T via USB can easily watch the channels.
Thanks to this, by simply connecting the Chromecast to a monitor, we can have a practically functional TV with dozens of channels to watch for free. This is ideal for example to have a TV in the kitchen, in a room where the antenna socket does not reach, or if you have poor DTT coverage.
Beyond Chromecast compatibility, the Android app has also received improvements such as hiding the playback bar after changing resolution, audio or subtitles. There is also better support for TV and Radio stations, as well as the playback engine now works better.

Tdt channels ios

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If you prefer to visually choose the items, you can see here a set of tdt chromecast ios photos. Click on one of the pictures and you will access the online shopping for a particular cell phone by looking at its properties and cost.

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