Conectar pc a smart tv lg por wifi windows 7

Conectar pc a smart tv lg por wifi windows 7


When using screens with different maximum resolutions configured in duplicate mode, the desktop may not fill the entire screen. To solve the problem these can be configured in extended mode. To do this, hold down the Windows key and press P without releasing the Windows key until Extend is selected.See the section How to duplicate and extend displays for more information on the different multi-display modes.To change the screen resolution
The wallpaper on both displays will always use the same resolution, so if the displays use different resolutions, the image will not fill one of them or will be cropped on the other.Using the higher resolution display as the primary display:NOTE: Part of the image will not be displayed on the secondary (lower resolution) display.
When the secondary display is to the left of the primary display and you move the mouse to the primary display by moving it over the Show Desktop button, all programs are minimized. To disable this feature, uncheck the Desktop View option of the Show Desktop button.

Smart share lg

To connect the pc to the tv by cable you only need to find the cable/adapter that fits both your pc and your TV, there are many possible combinations as there are different standards such as HDMI, VGA, DVI and Euroconnector among others.
So that you can find the cable to connect the pc to tv we have prepared a table for you, you only must find out which is the connection that has your pc and the one that has your tv, then you go to the table and you will find the cable or adapter that you need to buy.
A lot of attention to when you use a VGA cable to connect the pc to the tv, since this cable only transmits the video but not the audio, you need to buy an additional audio cable, that you must also connect to your pc and your tv.
Most often your pc has a headphone audio output, the so called 3.5 jack connection, while TVs usually have an RCA type audio input (which is divided into two inputs). So you usually have to buy a jack to RCA cable to connect the audio from your pc to the tv.

Connecting pc to smart tv by wifi

on the TV: connecting…, Pc tries to connect to TV and the Pc, detects the screen and puts connected, but after a while the following error comes out: we did not get response from the device, try to connect again and it is impossible…
I am glad you are enjoying Windows 10; I will be happy to assist you with your query. To assist you in properly configuring your device for screen sharing, you need to let me know if you are trying it wired.
Remember to read the manual of the smart TV to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, if you do not have the manual, go to the manufacturer from its official website to perform this configuration.
The Pc recognizes the screen, (it appears when invoking: ¨connect… or Project¨), then in the Tv appears: ¨connecting, PC tries to connect with your Tv¨, but there it stays, then it says to me in the Pc: we did not obtain answer of the device?

Screen mirroring windows 10 to lg smart tv

To use this functionality it is necessary that our TV is compatible with Miracast or WiDi (Wireless Display) technology. Most Smart TVs with integrated WiFi adapter are, but if yours is not you can always use an adapter like this one from Microsoft. It should be noted that the stability of the video and audio may not always be perfect, depending on the speed of our Internet connection.
2. Click on the Action Center icon at the bottom right of your screen and select Project (or go to Settings > System > Display > Connect to wireless projection).
4. If your desktop did not already appear automatically on your TV screen, try enabling the Screen Share option on your TV (it may have other names depending on the brand, including Screen Mirroring, Display Mirroring or AllShare Cast). Follow these guides if your TV is Samsung or LG or look for the one that corresponds to yours on the manufacturer’s website.
Wait a few seconds for the connection to be made. The image will be sent as is to your TV screen and you can start enjoying Netflix, Youtube, Popcorn Time or any content you were watching on your PC.

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