Conectar router jazztel

Conectar router jazztel

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This Wi-Fi model is far superior to other routers from operators such as Livebox Fibra or Vodafone, and is very similar to the popular HGU from Movistar. It provides great WiFi coverage indoors, and a stability and wireless speed far above other routers provided by operators. Betting on the ZTE F680 is betting on robustness and a great user experience, because it is simply one of the best routers provided by operators. The reason to stop betting on this model is the price, and is that other manufacturers provide cheaper routers than this one.
This router has a USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 for file sharing via Samba and FTP, and we can also share multimedia content in high definition thanks to its built-in DLNA server. Both USBs provide exactly the same performance, there is no improvement when using the side port.
The ZTE ZXHN F680 incorporating the ONT inside the router itself, also has two RJ-11 ports to connect phones and call through the Jazztel VoIP service, in the Jazztel fiber phone goes through the router, like other operators. This router allows us to call or receive on two lines simultaneously, that is, we can make two calls to different destinations, or while we talk on the phone can call us and take the call with another phone. All this is transparent to the customer, the router efficiently manages the calls. Jazztel uses a VLAN with ID 1074 to provide Internet service, and within this VLAN goes both Internet traffic and VoIP traffic, so if we have Internet we will have telephone, otherwise we will not have telephony service.

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Although there are several models, there is really no great difference in terms of their features. In addition, the installation of one Jazztel router model or another is random, you cannot request a specific model to be installed.
In addition, the Jazztel router model does not vary according to the fiber speed you have contracted, it is not necessary to change the router because you have increased the speed of the fiber. Jazztel offers up to three different fiber optic speeds: 100Mbps or 600Mbps.
One of the drawbacks that we could put to the operator is that it does not offer a Jazztel 4G portable router, leaving the internet option reserved only for those customers who have ADSL or fiber.
It is also not possible to request a change of router at Jazztel, unless your current router is not working properly. In such a case, they will change the router model at zero cost, since it is a malfunction.
The router comes preconfigured with some default values, however, you can configure the Jazztel router in some aspects to leave it to your needs. Among the parameters that you can modify are the following:

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Now begins the installation of the new Livebox Fiber you have received. It is important that you use all the cables that come included with your new equipment, to ensure proper operation and take advantage of all the speed of your internet connection. To do this, connect the fiber cable from the optical wall socket to the orange port of the Livebox labeled “Fiber”, pay special attention that this cable is not bent, it can cause cuts in your internet connection.
Before continuing with the configuration you must connect a device (computer, cell phone, Tablet…) to the Livebox Fiber via Wi-Fi, using the Wi-Fi network name and the key that appears on the label located on the sticker at the bottom of the router. Or by cable, connecting to the ethernet port of the livebox.
If after the installation, the light labeled “Update” lights up in blue, it means that the Livebox is updating its software, do not turn off the computer and wait for it to restart. You will have internet connection again after a few minutes.

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Fiber connections use VLANs with the IEEE 802.1Q protocol, so for a router to work in a fiber connection connected to the ONT it must be compatible with this protocol. In addition, depending on our provider (e.g. Movistar) we will need a router compatible with Triple VLAN because it uses different virtual networks for each content (voice, data and television).
If our router does not natively support VLANs, we can change its firmware to an alternative such as DD-WRT or OpenWRT to provide our equipment with such VLAN configurations and make it work smoothly with the current fiber.
Movistar is one of the most complex operators when it comes to making them work with neutral routers, since each type of data needs different VLAN configurations. Therefore, to make a router work with Movistar and avoid being left without telephone or Voice, we must buy a Triple-VLAN router or install and configure DD-WRT.
Do not confuse Vodafone’s FTTH with ONO’s network, which is coaxial, as in this case it is different, since simply configuring the router in Bridge mode and connecting the neutral through the WAN would be fully functional.

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