Conectar windows phone a pc

Conectar windows phone a pc

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I would like to comment that the functionality of “project my screen” as you have put it, is through an application that is no longer available for download and in addition to that, this would prevent you from using the USB port of the PC for data transfer.
As for how to do it wirelessly, it is possible to do it if your PC has miracast or DLNA using the project options on your lumia from settings – system – screen – wireless projection;
and from the PC by adding the equipment from settings – devices – add bluetooth or other devices – everything else ( Xbox controllers with wireless adapter , DLNA and more) however since the lumia was not intended for this the experience is usually not as good as it should be.
Thanks for replying. I mainly wanted it because it has a relative of mine who is already older and inadvertently misconfigures the home screen of the mobile and wanted to be able to modify it online, by Wifi, but I see that can not be done.

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If you are a Windows Phone user, with this official Microsoft application you will be able to manage and synchronize all the content of your Windows Phone from your computer no matter if your operating system is W7 or W8.
This Windows Phone desktop app will allow you to sync everything from iTunes or Windows libraries to your Windows Phone; it will automatically import all your captured photos and videos from your phone to your PC; you can easily check how much space each type of content takes up to make sure you never run out of space on your phone; you can move your playlists from your computer to your phone.
In conclusion, a great application to synchronize all your content from your Windows Phone to your PC, a very practical tool if you always copy all the images and videos captured with your mobile to your computer.

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Emiliano Vazquez Banda in effect this problem that you are presenting is somewhat puzzling and has had me a few hours turning the subject; now normally situations like this occur when the team to connect it correctly to connect the team what if it is system problem in your lumia, although the difference has been that on occasions we report this has never touched me to provide so many details.
correctly when connecting the equipment which in itself is a system problem in your lumia, although the difference has been that on the occasions that we report this has never touched me to provide so many details; Now the solution boils down to restore the team
from settings – information – reset the phone; or force the reinstallation with Windows device recovery tool, entering from the mode of “My phone does not respond” and manually initiating the flash mode, this by pressing and holding the buttons
Emiliano Vazquez Banda when you start Windows device recovery tool select the option “my phone has not been detected” just as you illustrate you will see the “waiting for connection” screen if you connect in this step your phone will most likely not be recognized by Windows device recovery tool.
If you connect your phone in this step your phone will probably not recognize it because of the problem, and it will remain like this for one or two minutes, then it will give you instructions to force the connection by pressing certain buttons; in this step it will probably detect your lumia and by itself it will begin to connect.

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before upgrading the pc everything worked perfect, on a laptop with windows 7 it works, I tried several cables and obviously that is not the problem, I even reset the cell phone to factory settings, reinstall windows from scratch using the dvd on the pc and I reiterate that windows 7 recognizes the cell phone perfectly.
I reiterate that windows 7 recognizes the cell phone perfectly, I will have to do the downgrade just for that? I need to transfer files through the usb, which as it is mtp and does not recognize the cell phone as a mass storage device it is slow.

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