Crear red local windows 10 y windows 7

Crear red local windows 10 y windows 7

Create windows 10 wifi network

I had a HomeGroup composed of three devices with Windows 7. One of them has broken down and I bought another with Windows 10. Now I have three laptops at home, two with Windows 7 and one with Windows 10.
I get an error, at first it seems to detect the group but when trying to connect it fails. I have deleted the group and created a new one from the Windows 10 computer and in this case it is the two Windows 7 that cannot connect.
If you have a problem, go to your computer manufacturer’s technical support page, in the “Download drivers and software” section, choose or type the model of your computer, from there you can download and install the latest drivers.
This problem already happened between Windows XP or Vista and Windows 7, the summary is that to create a homegroup all devices must have (it seems to be) the same OS. The exact same thing happened to me, I solved it half way, putting what I was interested in.
I currently have 3 machines on the network, one with windows 8… another with windows 10 (upgraded from 8.1) and a notebook with windows 10, and while it has worked “almost” normal shared connection … a few days ago it happens to me that apparently the

How to connect two computers in network windows 10

The reasons why Microsoft has removed Windows 10 HomeGroup are more than understandable, and is that times have changed, and now there are many other easier and faster ways to connect computers together to share files, such as, for example, using file transfer protocols, centralizing storage on a centralized NAS server and even using the cloud (either Microsoft’s OneDrive or any other platform) to synchronize and share files.
So from now on, we are going to have to think about using new tools to share files between multiple computers connected to the same local network, and this is what Windows 10 April 2018 Update offers us.
As we can see, although HomeGroup has disappeared, it is currently much easier to share files without this tool (especially since April 2018 Update) than with it, much faster and more direct, without configurations.

How to create a network in my home

With the advent of routers, all this is no longer necessary. In fact, this is a device that, by definition, connects several computers and can automatically move data from one part to another. Thus to create a local network it is sufficient that all the computers we want to involve are connected to the same device. By means of Ethernet cable or a wifi connection.
For the mixed option, Windows must be configured so that the computer is visible on the network. And enable the sharing of files and folders that you want to show to other devices. This is done through the Control Panel, and then accessing Network and Internet and Network and Sharing Center. Here we will select the item Change advanced sharing settings and then:
Undoubtedly, resorting to HomeGroup is a simpler way to create a local network, but it has several limits. The main one is that all the computers involved must be equipped with Windows. And Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows RT 8.1 versions are excluded.

How to network two computers

If we have several computers in our house and all of them are connected to a router or switch to connect to the Internet, it would be a very good idea to connect them in a network to be able to share files. In this new step by step we are going to connect two computers in network or more than two, valid for different Windows operating systems.
Next, we click on the option “Change advanced sharing settings” and activate the corresponding options to allow file sharing on the networks we have defined.
If there is a connection between the computers, there should be no problem in their visibility. To see the connected computers, we go to the file explorer and enter the “Network” section. If we press “F5” we update the status of the folder and the computers should appear.

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