Crear red social con wordpress

Crear red social con wordpress

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If WordPress is the CMS of your choice and you want to create a social network or you have a website or blog on this platform and want to add online community features to your site, there are several options that allow us to transform our website to make it more interactive.
And all thanks to the variety of plugins that have been emerging for this CMS with the purpose of facilitating users the ability to integrate social networking features to their websites or blogs, under multiple functions.    In this post, we will analyze the details of each of the three best plugins available to implement a social network with WordPress.
BuddyPress is a WordPress extension that allows us to add certain features to convert an existing WP installation into a social network. This utility is perhaps the best known option among those of us who are part of the WordPress community and keeps an interesting list of potential features among which stand out:

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Do you want to create your own social network where users can interact with each other, post statuses, upload photos, and much more? Well today I explain how to create a social network with WordPress and BuddyPress.
I said some time ago that with WordPress you can make almost any kind of website you can imagine, and I say almost because I imagine that there will be something that resists it. But luckily, creating a social network is not among the impossible of WordPress and can be done perfectly easily.
Among the thousands of plugins that exist and that you can install in WordPress, there is one that turns your website into a social network with all the typical components that any site of these characteristics needs.
For example, a profile page for each user to publish their texts, images or videos, as well as being able to change some things like their profile or cover photo, some account settings, etc.
In short, BuddyPress is the best way there is to create a social network in WordPress in an easy, fast and scalable way. Plus, with the versatility that WordPress offers, what more could you ask for?

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While BuddyPress gives you all the necessary tools for your users to communicate on a personal level, with bbPress you can create a centralized forum where people can share their opinions and experiences. If necessary, you can also create specialized sub-forums for selected groups of your community.
Having a social layer with the help of WordPress can help you create a stronger community of users. If you give them the tools they need to interact, you can foster social ties and make your community grow faster.


All this would not be possible if there were no users willing to use your social network so they are the real architects of your social network and you must be very attentive to detect their needs and implement them in your web project.
You can include your social network in your blog network allowing each user to have their own blog, you can include forum functionalities, control privacy and many more things if you use plugins from WordPress repositories, if the function you need does not exist as a plugin you should create your own plugin or if you have little time you can modify an existing one but in that case you risk losing security updates and your project will lose in robustness.

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