Crear watch faces amazfit

Crear watch faces amazfit

Amazfit watch faces

Not only can you set up custom shortcuts for the button, but also set up a custom watch face. Now, these watch faces can be from an app or downloaded from the internet. There are a couple of quick ways to do this and here’s how to add custom watch faces on Amazfit Bip.
The easiest way to set up a custom watch face is through a third-party app. The app has tons of custom watch faces you can choose from. The app does all the manual work of feeding the watch faces to the Mi-Fit app. Some custom watch face apps are Amazfit Bip & Cor Watch and Mi WatchFace [Free] for Amazfit Bip.
On the watch face settings page, swipe to the right or tap “Local watch faces” on the top right corner. Here, you should see the watch face you have installed. I have a few watch faces installed through these apps.

Amazfit gts watch faces

Watch faces for Amazfit watches are not lacking, but if you have a specific idea you will need to roll up your sleeves. Creating watch faces for an Amazfit watch is not difficult, although it does require dedication and patience. Here we’ll look at how you can create watch faces for your Amazfit smartwatch in three ways with varying levels of difficulty and customization.
The app allows you to choose three locations for the time, which is superimposed on the image you have previously chosen. Choose the one you like the most and press the Sync button, which will send your customized dial to the smartwatch.
This is the case for the Amazfit Pace, Amazfit Stratos and Amazfit Verge, although the Amazfit catalog increases frequently, so the list is not extensive. WFZ files are basically ZIP files with images and XML files, so they are relatively easy to modify even without the help of any application. However, Amazfit Watchface Builder makes the process infinitely easier.
You’ll need to create an account, but otherwise you can start creating your watchface right away. The best part is that you can clone any watch face from their list to make modifications, which will be quite a bit faster than creating one entirely from scratch.

Amazfit bip u custom watch face

This application can be downloaded for free at this link. It is available for both Mac and Windows. You will also need to download the Java JDK. An application that contains libraries that the program will need.    Without the Java installation, the program will not open. And if you already have it installed, I recommend you update it, as you will need version 8.
This program is extremely easy to use. It has few and very limited options, so it is difficult to get lost. When we enter the program we will find the window of the image below. What interests us most to start with is the toolbar on the left, to load images and clock hands, and the panel on the right, with more information.
If we have separated the minute/hour indicators, we can import it from the Index-> Import Image button. Each time we import an image, it shifts 5 pixels to the right and down. So we will have to drag it to its correct position.

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