Danny from north korea

Danny from north korea

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This is the story of Danny, a young man who was born in a small North Korean town and raised by his mother and grandmother. When he was a child, his father abandoned them. Children in North Korea are indoctrinated at a young age, and they grow up thinking of their leaders as gods. They are taught that North Korea’s leaders dedicate time and money to making the nation a communist paradise.
However, most people know deep down that this isn’t true, and that the fact is that they aren’t free to think for themselves. They are conscious that they are stuck in a world built for them by powerful leaders who use fear and alienation from the outside world to dominate them. In fact, it is illegal to even consider or wish to travel to another country. This is considered treason and is harshly punished.
The government aims to regulate the people by taking away all of their fundamental rights, such as freedom of speech, faith, and information access. As a consequence, young people lack the motivation or ability to think creatively. Their whole lives tend to be a never-ending battle to fulfill their physical needs in order to remain alive.

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A 17-year-old North Korean boy makes a daring escape from his communist nation and emigrates to the United States with the aid of an American relief organization. [ Credits to Danny from North Korea: [Directed by Adam Sjoberg/ 33 minutes/ Documentary/ Socialist Exit]
Meet Danny, a brave North Korean adolescent who crossed a heavily guarded border into China in 2005. North Korean refugees are often deported to China, where they face death or torture, but Danny eluded the authorities and, with the help of the American aid organization Liberty in North Korea, made his way to safety in the United States. His story is told in this moving documentary.
Danny’s family was often on the verge of poverty due to the poor North Korean economy. His mother and grandmother, who raised him together, made every effort to keep him alive, but his mother finally discovered that the only way for them to survive was for her to flee across an ice-covered river into China and return with food. Despite the fact that she did so successfully, she was unable to return on a subsequent tour, so young Danny decided to take the risk and follow in her footsteps.

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The People’s Crisis (U.S., 2012), directed by Ryan Downer, is a sweeping summary of the North Korean people’s crisis, with survivor interviews and examinations of attempts to help people find refuge.
These films are part of the annual SGS Summer Film Festival, which runs from June 28 to September 13 on most Wednesdays. The festival’s theme this year is “Finding Place: Immigration, Refugees, and Borders Around the Globe,” and it features nine films from around the world. Please visit SGS Summer 2017 Film Festival for more updates on the festival.

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On the 24th anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s assassination, Korean People’s Army (KPA) soldiers bow in front of statues of late North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il at Mansu Hill in Pyongyang on July 8, 2018. (AFP/Getty Images/KIM WON-JIN)
The cloud of speculation surrounding Kim Jong Un’s health will soon dissipate. But, amid persistent reports that Kim is severely ill or dead, the only two facts we know for sure are that he skipped the Day of the Sun public anniversary celebrations commemorating his grandfather Kim Il Sung’s birthday, and that his private train has been observed at the Wonsan station, a fact that the South Korean government cites.
Even if Kim arrived tomorrow in good health, with an alibi and a clean bill of health from his doctor, it is clear that North Korea has a severe succession crisis. Yes, it is a tenacious monarchical dictatorship that has successfully navigated two succession processes. North Korea’s political system, on the other hand, is a Frankenstein-like combination of models: It’s a hereditary monarchy, a Leninist dictatorship, a religious cult, and a Mafia-style family racket all at the same time. Its philosophy stipulates that the ruler be a direct descendant of Kim Il Sung, belonging to the so-called “Mount Paektu bloodline.”

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