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Why buy david gerard magic?

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Join us as we celebrate the Sound Room’s 7th anniversary. The music has been going on for almost 26 years! It started as a one-time occurrence at a street party, then moved indoors for a house concert series. In 2012, we relocated to Broadway before any of the new businesses had opened. The area has changed since then, and we have as well. We almost literally pull a rabbit out of a hat for this thing! This is the second sneak peek. We’re almost done with the new website. We’ve relocated this event to 3022 Broadway to commemorate our anniversary. It’s not quite over, but it’s getting there. We’ll be giving you this one-of-a-kind presentation to give you a sneak peek into the upcoming magic at the Sound Room. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Bites and appetizers will be served at – table and are included in the ticket price. And there’s David Gerard’s enchantment. This is one of the most entertaining shows we’ve ever seen. David performs a magical and mentalism display. He’ll amaze you with his abilities, and you’ll be left wondering how he did it! see what we’re talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w a9rAAGgFA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w a9rAAGgFA

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Andrew is a student at the University of For the first time, Gerard sits down with longtime friend Bro Gilbert and reveals the invisible structure and formula that can profoundly change the way you perform, make, and even THINK about magic. Gerard demonstrates five results that use The Method. The information found in these DVD Effects is for educational purposes only. It begins with a coin from their pocket that bends in their hand and in front of their eyes, leaving them with a bent coin that they signed at the end. Andrew is a student at the University of Gerard’s dirty little secret has been revealed! This effect is performed without the use of any bending devices… y Effect is the only thing that gets twisted. Enable a bystander to take your pulse. Enable them to search under your arms and thoroughly inspect your arms to ensure there is nothing stopping your heartbeat. They’ll accept that you don’t have any cameras on you. Request that they locate your pulse. When they’ve got it, make them snap their fingers in time with you.

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After reviewing the survey responses from Ring 216 participants, David has created a custom lecture for our community that focuses on the topics that everyone requested: presentation, marketing, and making your show more entertaining. David will use real-life examples from his busy corporate and private show schedule to bring ideas to life in a way that magic lecturers seldom do. David will reveal more about how he developed his company in the Bay Area over the last eight years in his lecture. He’ll also share stories and tips from his time on the road with The Illusionists, including how he got his name in the San Francisco Chronicle and how he created gerardmagic.com to serve his main customers. This lecture has something for everyone, and we can’t wait to host David in just two weeks. There’s no need to RSVP; simply turn up!

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for elegant, smart, and modern entertainment for your next corporate or private event. Since seeing his first magic trick in a New York City toy store over 20 years ago, David Gerard has had a fascination with mystery. David started playing for corporate events and private parties after relocating to California in 2010.
From close-up sleight-of-hand to on-stage mental demonstrations, David’s tastes in the mystery arts are diverse. Adult audiences around the country have been gasping and laughing at his peculiar combination of illusion, plot, and satire. He takes great pride in creating unique ideas for his clients, and he uses his years of experience to fit in seamlessly with your case.

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