Why buy deep space kraken?

Why buy deep space kraken?

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Is there a way to land on bop? Since it’s a small moon, landing should be simple; all you have to do now is adjust your orbit to get an encounter – it’s really no different than having a Minmus encounter (but the relative mass of Jool:Bop means you have to get closer to get an encounter)
JackBot2005’s original post was as follows:
Is there a way to land on bop? I can’t seem to get there… but I can build a pretty good plane. With enough fuel and a light enough craft, it is possible to land. If necessary. Use one of the other moons as a refueling station, then transport it there using a pusher craft capable of deploying a lighter lander.

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Despite the fact that this kraken has been removed due to an upgrade, it is one of the most well-known krakens.

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Through tearing your ship apart, the kraken will wreck it.

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When leaving the Map or IVA screens, this kraken would sometimes appear.
When a rocket crosses 6000 meters in Kerbin’s atmosphere, this kraken rarely appears. It fires a rocket at high speeds, producing a distorted engine sound and a strong wobbling effect. Ragonoid, the creator of this portion, has experienced this glitch many times. It also has the potential to halt your game.

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Despite being a myth and a work of fiction, the kraken’s legend lives on today, with countless references in film, literature, television, and other popular culture topics.
During the Golden Age of Comic Books, three versions appeared: the first in Adventure Comics #56 (November 1940), a second, land-based version on the planet Venus in Flash Comics #81 (March 1947), and a third, capable of speech, claiming to be the real Kraken from ancient mythology who fought Captain Marvel in Whiz Comics #155. (June 1953).
During the Silver Age of Comic Books, two versions appeared: a giant octopus encountered by the Challengers of the Unknown in Showcase #12 (January-February 1958) and a giant squid summoned by the hero Aquaman in Aquaman #34. (July-Aug. 1967). Additional versions appeared in Wonder Woman #247 (September 1978) and #289 (March 1982), and in Wonder Woman vol. 2 #75 (June 1993), the character encountered a version complete with tiara in a dream world. In Aquaman #1,000,000 (November 1998), the main character meets one of the “Krakens of Vexjor,” a species of enormous tentacled reptilian sea monsters that inhabit Earth’s oceans in the 853rd Century. In Issue #1 of the limited series Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies (Aug. 2011, DC Comics), Wonder Woman and Aquaman also meet a young Kraken.

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Jakob Schwendner, the company’s founder, has a very specific aim in mind: millimetre-accurate 3D imaging for underwater industrial operations and deep sea exploration. In April, the first prototype of a camera with brand-new sensor technology was installed in Canada and introduced to industry professionals at the Ocean Business conference in Southampton, UK. Schwendner confirmed, “The first pictures are looking fine.”
Jakob Schwendner has a scientific history. He studied IT and computer science, electronics, and robotics in Bremen and London before completing a doctorate in robotics in Bremen. He has spent the last ten years working on the technology park at Bremen University’s German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Just a few hundred meters from this prestigious research institute, the 39-year-old is now concentrating on founding the German subsidiary of Canadian company Kraken Sonar Inc. with partner Alexander Duda. After spending years studying space robotics, the robotics specialist is familiar with extreme environments and the challenges they present.

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