Delta airlines paypal

Delta airlines paypal

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Flights on Delta Air Lines Airlines with the “Flexibooking” tag will allow you to change your flight date without incurring any additional fees. Policies can change from time to time, and actual policies and charges are subject to the airline’s final decision.
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I’m trying to buy plane tickets for my grown son to come visit me for a week in late May. Delta (my preferred airline) accepts PayPal payments, according to the information I found online. When I called Delta to inquire, the representative said I’d need the same details as a normal credit card: number, expiration date, and security code. I have PayPal Credit on my account, but no PayPal Credit Card has ever been given to me. Is it necessary for me to create a PayPal credit card? And, if that’s the case, how do I get in touch with PayPal to make that happen?
Since PayPal Credit is not a credit card, it will not be accepted.
You may require a plastic credit card.
PayPal offers both a credit card and a debit card for withdrawing funds from your PayPal account.
They are plastic cards that can be used in places that accept MasterCard.

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I’m just hoping for some help with this nightmare of a reservation. We charged close to $3k for an online Delta reservation more than 30 hours ago. We received an error message at the end of the transaction and were advised to try again later. There was no confirmation page, booking reference number, or anything along those lines. I should also note that while making the reservation, we had some problems with the Delta website.
In our account, the money is now marked as pending. We contacted our bank, who informed us that they were unable to assist us. Delta was also unhelpful, stating that they do not see a pending transaction on their end and, as a result, cannot cancel it. We should only wait, according to Delta, as it should cancel on its own within 48 hours. I’m not sure this will happen now, particularly because we need to make another reservation right away and our funds have been frozen indefinitely.
Erica C. is a student at the University of California, Berkeley This occurs on a regular basis. It’s like going to the gas station and selecting $100 for gas but only receiving $80; all charges appear on your credit card, and the $100 authorization expires in a few days (depending on your bank). People didn’t know this was a common occurrence until they started looking at their bills online on a daily basis. It’s not as if you’re being double-charged. It’ll fade away. It is up to your bank, not DL, to release it.

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