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For years, I took the “KEEP OUT” sign on the log building to mean “keep out, private property,” but now that I’ve seen the inside, I’m wondering if the person who put the sign there meant “keep out…for your own good.”
In the room on the far side of the door frame in this picture, the floor has completely collapsed, leaving a dangerous 12-foot drop. Several floorboards in the nearby room are missing, and the majority of the remaining ones are so rotting that I was afraid I might fall through if I continued walking. A bottle of Clorox bleach remains on one of the shelves, and it’s likely that there are more things in the right-hand cupboards that I missed. Someone used adhesive decals to spell out “69 4:20” on the mirror in the background, but I’m not sure it was a vandal, particularly because there are no other obvious signs of vandalism within.
I stretched to put my tripod as close as I could for a picture because the floor was too rotten to check out the bathroom and the room on the left in this shot. The bathroom has naturally fared better than the room on the left in terms of water damage.

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From afar, the Delta Food Mart Sign offers food and drinks from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. The convenience store has been closed for many years, as travelers on the Richardson Highway soon discover. The structure and signs have been overgrown. The shop, which once welcomed hungry or thirsty customers, now has a big Keep Out sign posted on it. A closer inspection reveals the log structure under the bright yellow facade. Despite its cheerful soda advertising, the store has been closed for over two decades.

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