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Digital art desk

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Most people have at least two spaces in which to organize: a digital one (your computer) and a physical one (where the magic happens). Workspace organization is a juggling act for many freelancers who work from home.
We’ll look at ways to enhance the actual work space in this article. After all, while disorganized data files or a sub-optimal Photoshop configuration may be inconvenient and ineffective, a weak physical workspace can be physically and mentally harmful. Many workplace organization practices may also be extended to the digital world.
Ergonomics is the study of how the nature of tools impacts the bodies of their users. When you see the words “ergonomic” on a chair or a computer mouse, it means that it is made to be safer for you, avoiding poor posture, sore wrists, and other problems.
Is your spine in a straight line? When deciding your desk chair, this is the most important factor to remember. There are several “ergonomic” chairs on the market, complete with arm, back, foot, and even knee rests. What counts is that you are not slouching at the end of the day. Indeed, having a standing desk and not sitting at all is one surefire way to do this!

Creative desk setup tour 2019 // artist /graphic designer

However, I’ve found that putting together a very nice home office isn’t always easy. There are always limitations, such as space, light, unusual wallpaper, and dubious furniture. Even if you have anything you want, you can always feel like it isn’t exactly what you imagined.
But be careful not to overdo it, and keep an eye on the colors. Bear in mind that all of the art prints in the later picture above have a similar red color, which provides harmony, so keep that in mind.
If only! You can swing your Cintiq back and position it next to your monitor as a secondary monitor if you attach it to an arm. Simply pull it towards you when you need to draw and get to work.
Consider it a perfect location for your Cintiq; find a way to attach some plastic boxes or baskets to the wall and store your markers in them. Install a clip-on lamp there. It looks fantastic and is well worth the money!
It’s easy to overlook, but adding a plant or two can make a big difference. It adds a pop of color and interest to the room. They don’t have to be large; a row of small cacti is also a nice touch. A medium-sized plant with large leaves, on the other hand, can completely turn your room.

Best digital artist setup – better than cintiq

I’m hoping this type of post is permitted here. I see a lot of fantastic work here, sketch every day, and rgd…both traditional and interactive. It makes me want to branch out into areas where I’m not as relaxed. That will be digital painting for me. It’s something I’ve never tried before (only some vector work). I’m also running out of patience with my computer’s ability to keep up with the various Photoshop layers that can be used in digital painting. So I was curious as to what kind of computers and workstations you employ to produce such magnificent works of art. And if you’re extremely tech savvy, send me a private message and tell me what you’d suggest to anyone looking to invest in a long-lasting art machine 🙂 I’m actually using an old Macbook Pro, which is constantly hot, hot, hot… I’ve also developed burns as a result of it. (It’s not a good idea to have your arm under neath when working or listening to music, guys.) I’m considering switching to Windows for a better return on investment and purchasing a whole new Creative Suite for that platform, but I adore Mac OS X. Also, while we’re on the subject, I’m only familiar with the Adobe suite; are there any other great programs I should investigate? Thank you in advance for any suggestions 🙂 There are 19 comments. 83 percent sharesavehidereport This thread has been archived. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

Creative desk setup tour 2020 🖥️ multimedia artist

Studio space is available for rent in our loft. It is shared and comes with a kitchen, bathroom, a variety of tools, desks, a projector, and a wide range of technical equipment.
With a 30m2 rooftop terrace, the room is 165m2 in total, has floor heating, and is extremely light. It’s a newly constructed complex inside the old FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, and it’s just a 20-minute tram ride from Berlin’s city center (U8 Rosenthaler Platz)
Gallery Floor (ideal for illustrators, artists, animators, painters, or any other desk-required job) with large rooftop terrace and view into a silent park. We also have an outdoor garden where we cultivate our own spices and vegetables in the summer.
We also run a foreign artist residency program in addition to studio use. We’re looking for professionals in the arts, architecture, or visual communication who want to get involved in the Berlin art scene and are open to working in a multicultural environment.

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