Discord bitcoin bot

Discord bitcoin bot

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Get your hands on discord-sidebar-price-bot. These Python scripts can run Discord bots that pull live data at intervals and show it on the sidebar of a Discord guild (i.e. server), inspired by pipercucu/DiscordSidebarPriceBot. It currently supports the following APIs: Coingecko API for cryptocurrency price data (in USD, BTC, and/or ETH); Etherscan API or gasnow API for Ethereum blockchain gas price (in gwei). 1 Discord Cryptocurrency Rates – Webhook 2 Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates in Discord – Bot Prices of Cryptocurrencies in Discord – Bot Sorry for the long wait, but this is the second and final installment of my series on integrating cryptocurrency prices through Discord.
Rows: 26 Cryptocurrency / Crypto groups on Discord in their entirety. It should work if you try it. Congratulations on developing a software that uses Discord webhooks to submit cryptocurrency prices to a Discord channel. Instead of using a webhook, the next post in the series will show you how to do the same thing with a bot. This tutorial’s source code is available on Github.
Rows: 26 Group networks, money channels, exchanges, and bots are all examples of airdrops. Traditional market signals such as number, orders, price, and time can be interpreted and combined by trading bots, as can technical analysis signals such as.

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Fraudsters are targeting Discord users with a scam based on a fake cryptocurrency exchange, using the promise of free bitcoin or ethereum cryptocurrency to steal money and personal data, according to Kaspersky researchers.

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According to the Kaspersky study, the scam lures victims into Discord’s cryptocurrency servers by sending a private message that looks like an ad for a legitimate up-and-coming trading site giving away cryptocurrency, and it uses social engineering techniques to push sign-ups.
“The motives for such supposed kindness vary from message to message, but whether the exchange is assisting traders in tough times or attempting to attract new customers, the thrust is often the same: the lucky addressee has been selected at random to earn an amazing payout in bitcoin or ethereum,” Kaspersky says.
Discord was designed with gamers in mind, but its user-friendly system of servers, channels, and private messages is used by a diverse group of people. According to Kaspersky, users range from research groups to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, making them an ideal target for scammers.

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Depositing, gambling, borrowing, and withdrawing are all possible with only a few mouse clicks. With our patented precredit algorithm, flashflip helps you to make instant 0-confirmation bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, ensuring that your money is still available in a flash. ABOUTVALUESflashflip brings confidence to the next stage with a cryptographically safe provably equal scheme, which ensures the bot’s rolls are unaffected by your wagers, and you can check this.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and now Dogecoin (DOGE) have all captured the attention of would-be traders, thanks to a few tweets from Elon Musk, but as with any investment, scammers are looking for ways to benefit.

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Scams and other risks abound in the cryptocurrency world. Cyberattacks on cryptocurrency exchanges may result in the loss of trader funds; exit scams still exist, and regulators are actively fighting fraud. We’re unlikely to see an end to crypto-related scams anytime soon, and a new scheme is now targeting Discord users, according to a new Kaspersky alert. Discord is a messaging and voice chat service with an estimated 300 million users, having evolved from a gaming-focused community to a more general usage for clubs and keeping in contact with friends. Scammers are now accessing Discord servers, according to Kaspersky researcher Mikhail Sytnik, and sending private messages to users that seem to be from new, up-and-coming cryptocurrency exchanges. These ‘exchanges’ aim to lure customers with offers of free cryptocurrency as new ventures and ones who want to “support traders in tough times.” And, of course, the fortunate winner would receive free BTC or ETH.

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