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We servers, after as long as I’ve been in the game, have picked up on a few tell-tale indicators of how well your first date is going. So, while we’re being extra nice serving you your meal, I’m making a bet with my work BFF on you two splitting the bill, and I’m speaking on behalf of most hospitality workers because, quite frankly, we all do it. (I’m sorry, but we need some fun as well.)
So, most people aren’t shouting to their servers that they’re on a first date, but we usually figure it out because the boy shows up in his best shirt and has sprayed too much of the birthday aftershave. I’ll greet you both and take your drink orders; he’ll order a bottle of Coors to be sure. I’ll hand him a glass, but I’m not going to use it. She’ll have one of those “trendy gins” with a slimline tonic and a “bit of cucumber” because it screams “girlfriend stuff.”
“So, folks, are you ready to order or do you need another minute?” I’ll get those drinks and hit you with “So, folks, are you ready to order or do you need another minute?”
I have a feeling the night will go very well if I’m sent away, because you haven’t had a chance to look at the menu yet. I can hear the echoes of small talk about how you were late due to traffic escalating into a full-fledged conversation. As I go on to check my other tables, I see you both staring into each other’s eyes across the candle-lit table where I’m almost naming the kids.

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Your team chat app is great for more than just team efficiency; it’s also a great way to add a little levity when the mood strikes. The GIF has been the gold standard for online comedy since the dawn of the digital age.
Often, like this baseball player, you lose sight of your goal. Anything from files to phone numbers is affected. If this happens, notify the team until it’s too late. (At the very least, you won’t be tossing out any baserunners!)
GIFs are a fun way to break up the monotony of work contact. They remind everyone that they don’t have to take it too seriously all of the time. When the work is completed, the team must have a good time. Read on for advice on how to make the most of your team’s chat app.

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Add in the debt I picked up in undergrad, as well as all of the living expenses I’ll have over there – apartment, food, and new shoes (because a sheep would eventually eat one) – and I have a snowball’s chance in Hell of finding a job or even having the time to work outside of school.
Also, since I’m a “just in case” kind of guy, I’ll add as much extra money as I can possibly loan. I’ll also have sold my car, moved out of my apartment, and left my job when I return from this adventure. I’m going back to being nothing.
Since I’ll have a Master’s degree, I’m not expecting a higher-paying work. I honestly haven’t seen that financially help anyone else my age, so I’ll just presume I’ll be able to find the same part-time hourly jobs I’ve had to pay off a mountain of debt.

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You may have heard about the experiment by the lovely and talented Jessie Janelle Reyna and her noun experiment if you’ve seen the buzz around here or read my last reblogged message. Bacon is the noun of the day. The letter “B” has given you this.
So now that I’m a “adult,” I eat bacon all of the time. However, contrary to common opinion, there is such a thing as too much bacon, and I am living proof of this. My boyfriend (Alessandro) has a lot in common with Ron Swanson, such as the beard, the obstinacy, and a passion for bacon that rivals his love for me.
Since Alessandro uses bacon and bacon fat in the same way as other people use oil or salt, bacon is in almost all I eat. As I walked into the kitchen the other day, there was the largest piece of bacon I’d ever seen frying in the pan. A foot long, four inches thick, and four inches deep (I should’ve snapped a photo.)
(My most elegant moments have occurred while wearing Timberland boots.) They’re like ballet slippers, except for people who have to get things done. Carving paths through the woods or knocking some fool’s door down because he hasn’t paid you back are two examples. It’s a shoe that can be used in a variety of situations.)

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