Don duet goldman sachs

Don duet goldman sachs

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Marty Chavez will take over as Goldman’s new CFO. Not right away, but soon: Goldman says he’ll stay on as CIO and head of the joint technology and strategic planning unit until April 2017. This gives many Goldman Sachs employees more than enough time to find new jobs.
The 26,000 Goldman Sachs employees who do not work in technology or quant positions should be terrified by Chavez’ promotion to CFO. Chavez is a fervent supporter of automation and ‘efficiencies,’ and with him as CFO, those two goals are likely to be pursued even more aggressively.
The New York Times revealed earlier this year that Chavez had ruffled Goldman’s feathers by telling employees that if all they did was press buttons, they needed to improve their skills. The same may be said for someone at Goldman who is merely relaying trading ideas to clients using the firm’s quantitative methods. As CIO, Chavez pioneered Marquee, a framework that allows clients to directly access Goldman’s previously closely guarded SecDB risk system. Marquee, according to some Goldman insiders, is just an excuse to get rid of the relationship experts who actually mediate between SecDB and clients. With Chavez in charge of the purse strings, this concern seems to be justified.

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Don has a track record of successfully designing and implementing business and technology strategies. Don is the founder and CEO of Concourse Labs, as well as a Senior Advisor at McKinsey.
Don worked at Goldman Sachs for 28 years, holding senior technology leadership positions in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Don led Goldman’s global technology division from 2012 to 2016, after being appointed a partner in 2006 and Managing Director in 2000. From 2000 to 2006, Don served as the CIO for Asia Pacific. Don co-chaired the IBD Technology Investment Committee and was a member of the firm’s Firmwide Risk, Market Risk, and Business Standards committees before relocating to the United States in 2006.

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We want to make certain that you get the best out of our system. Please enter your email address to gain free access to all of the material.’s President and COO is Don Duet. He previously worked at Goldman Sachs as a Partner in the Technology Division. In 1988, he began his career at Goldman Sachs in New York as an associate in the Technology Department of Fixed Income, Currency, and Commodities. He worked in Technology for a number of years, moving to London in 1991, Frankfurt in 1993, and Tokyo in 1996. From 2001 to 2006, Don served as Goldman Sachs Asia’s chief information officer. Prior to his new role, he was the Technology Division’s global chief operating officer. In 2000, he was appointed managing director, and in 2006, he became a partner.

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Duet with Don: I entered Goldman Sachs at the dawn of the IT revolution, just as distributed computing was gaining traction. I was able to assist in the design of some of the firm’s first trading systems, which were based on the Windows PC architecture. Since then, I’ve seen the evolution of distributed architecture, the Internet, and now cloud platforms, mobile platforms, and big data.
Throughout it all, Goldman Sachs’ core competency has remained technology. One-third of our staff is made up of technology engineers. That number, I believe, reflects how much we value technology and how much we believe our technology investments will help the company.
We’ve been investing in technology for a long time—more than two decades—so none of this represents a significant change in the company’s strategy. It’s a continuous transition process in which we’re converting more and more core parts of our company to models in which things are done electronically, at a larger scale, and in a more seamless manner.

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