Which are the best dr geek blue blockers?

Which are the best dr geek blue blockers?

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Blue light, unlike UV light, is released all around us, every day — both indoors and outdoors, from our digital devices’ screens to the sun, which is the most powerful source. It’s possible that prolonged exposure will cause eye harm and discomfort, but don’t worry! You will enjoy your screen time while protecting your eyesight with our blue light blocking glasses. Learn how to choose the right lenses for your needs.
Headaches, sore eyes, and tense necks are all signs of digital eyestrain, which can be caused by our daily exposure to our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It’s no wonder that our eyes are working harder than ever before, given that we spend the bulk of our waking hours in front of a laptop and are exposed to toxic blue-violet light* from digital devices.
So, what exactly are we looking at here? To begin, visible light has a wavelength of 380 to 780nm. HEV, or high-energy visible light, is visible light with a wavelength of 425-455nm that can damage our eyes. The harmful blue-violet light emitted by our digital devices falls into this category. Men’s and women’s blue light glasses have never been more relevant, with the average person spending about 10 hours a day in front of a computer.

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Examine the end of this popular Blu Blocker infomercial, where Dr. Geek performed an epic impromptu rap. After Dr. Geek made the most popular informercial in history with his spontaneous Blue Blocker rap, the Blu Blocker guy actually demanded the sunglasses back. Oh, my goodness! What a case of being ungrateful.
The last few minutes of that infomercial disturbed me. That rap wasn’t rehearsed, and I met Dr. Geek when I lived in La-La Land. In the spur of the moment, he did it. BluBlocker revenues skyrocketed as a result, and Dr. Geek didn’t even get a free pair of sunglasses.

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Would you like to know the lyrics to the popular Blue Blocker Sunglasses ad from the 1980s? – ad for blue blockers hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Dr. Geek has arrived! Let’s get started: I am now extremely fast. Let me share my thoughts on this “coming to fruition My surname is Greek, and I’m a Shocker. Man, I’m a huge fan of BluBlockers! Anything that blocks sunlight is obvious. Oh, well, I’ll have to go get some. All is cool now that I’m not making up my own words. This is how I’m feeling all over Venice Beach. My name is Greek, and I’m more than just a hip-hop artist. And I’m rocking my BluBlockers! Well, indeed… That’s what I’m getting at. Yes, these sunglasses are extremely strong. So there you have it, the individuals. We’ve returned to the land of television. Get a pair of glasses… They sweep the surface of the planet. Keep in mind what I said earlier: “I’m a hip-hop artist. If you have BluBlockers, that is. Yes, it’s sweet now. See you later on the beach to make some cash.

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A California sunglass company produced a pair that blocked not only UV rays but also blue rays. Since blue light does not concentrate on the retina, which is your eye’s focusing screen, things appear sharper and clearer when blue rays are blocked.
The astronauts’ eye safety didn’t receive much attention until a Chicago entrepreneur, Joseph Sugarman, was a passenger in a car driven by a NASA sunglasses sales representative. Sugarman was squinting when the sales representative spotted him and offered him a pair of NASA sunglasses. Sugarman was struck by how transparent it was and how it prevented him from squinting.
Sugarman, a direct marketing specialist, recognized the benefits of this exciting new product right away, but he was told it wasn’t for sale to the general public. They were too expensive for one thing, and the company that made them was going out of business for another. Sugarman was undeterred and set out to find a low-cost method of mass-producing them for sale to the general public.

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