E and b coins

E and b coins

1999 d susan b anthony dollar coin (mintage 30 million

11 The number of 10-cent coins equals d, and the number of 25-cent coins equals q. We know there are 16 coins in total; therefore, d + q = 16. The total face value of the notes is $2.35, so:0.1d + 0.25q = 2.3510d + 25q = 235 When we remove d from our first equation, we get d = 16 – q. In our second equation, we can substitute 16 – q for d and get: 235160 – 10q + 25q = 23515q = 75q = 5 = 10(16 – q) + 25q = 235160 – 10q + 25q = 23515q = 75q = 5 A total of 5 coins with a face value of 25 cents are available. B is the correct answer.
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A total face value of $2.35 is found in a series of 16 coins, each with a face value of either 10 cents or 25 cents. Let x stand for no coins with a face value of ten cents. Let y: no coins with a face value of 25 cents. I understand how to make x + y = 16 How can I be sure which of the two algebraic equations below is correct? 2.35 = 0.1 x + 0.25 y OR 2.35 = 0.25 x + 0.1 y Since I get y = 5 (or x= 11) in the first case and (x=5 or y=11) in the second. What am I doing wrong because I need to come up with a specific response from the answer options? PS:

1979 d susan b anthony dollar coin (mintage 288 million

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Rare susan b anthony dollar coins worth

The mint marks on these coins date back to the days of ancient Greece and Rome. The practice began in the United States with the passage of an act on March 3, 1835, which created the country’s first branch mints. This Act mandated that the Director of the United States Mint issue regulations for identifying the coins stamped at each institution, ensuring that all coinage is under central control and that production from the various branches of the establishment is uniform. The use of a mint mark on branch mint coins meant that the Mint of issue was recognized when they were received in circulation or returned to the US Mint. As a result, the coinage was assigned to another.
More information on mint marks can be found here:
Before that, Philadelphia was the only Mint facility in service, and no coinage identification was needed. No Mint mark was used on coins made in Philadelphia even after the branch Mints were created.
Mint marks are hand stamped on coinage dies used by branch Mint facilities at the Philadelphia Mint. Since the Mint mark occupies a secondary role in any coin design, it has long been customary to make it as unobtrusive as possible.

1979-s dollar worth money – how much is it worth and why


Attenzione profit coin e’ scam.

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