Ebay español argentina

Ebay español argentina

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However, if you’re simply searching for things from anywhere in the world that can be sent to Argentina, you’ve come to the right place. When you browse the web, the site will detect your location and serve only related search results.
As a consequence, your only choice is to search for Argentinian sellers using the method mentioned above, and then do a separate search for each country near Argentina. Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, and other countries are examples.
For Argentinian tourists, the website is available in two native languages: English and Spanish. However, the Spanish version is only available to those in South America who have a local IP address to prove their position.
This means that visitors from outside the country who do not speak Spanish will only be able to use the website in English. And using a VPN to acquire an IP address from Argentina is pretty much the only way to get around this ban.
Users who live in the region, on the other hand, will have access to both languages via the same servers. It’s ideal for sellers who don’t speak Spanish and buyers who live in the country but don’t speak it.

Comprar en tiendamia o mercado libre | argentina 2020

Argentina’s Mercado Libre was created in 1999.

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[5] The company was founded by Founder and CEO Marcos Galperin while he was a student at Stanford University. John Muse, co-founder of HM Capital Partners, provided him with funding. [nine] [8] JPMorgan Partners, Flatiron Partners, Goldman Sachs, GE Capital, and Banco Santander Central Hispano have all invested in Mercado Libre. Mercado Libre was selected as an Endeavor company in 1999. [nine]
eBay bought a 19.5 percent interest in the firm in September 2001.
[nine] In 2016, eBay sold its interest in Mercado Libre, but the two companies are still working together to expand eBay sellers in Latin America. [nine] [11] In March 2017, eBay launched its first branded store on Chile’s Mercado Libre marketplace. [12] Mercado Libre purchased iBazar Como, the Brazilian affiliate of eBay’s earlier purchase, iBazar S.A., the following month. (#13) MercadoLibre.com expanded its operations to Costa Rica, Panama, and the Dominican Republic in 2006.
Mercado Libre was the first Latin American technology firm to be listed on the NASDAQ, with the ticker MELI, in August 2007.
[7] In August 2008, Mercado Libre purchased competitor DeRemate’s operations.
In 2008, Mercado Libre also purchased Classified Media Group (CMG). The Latin American e-commerce portals tucarro.com and tuinmueble.com were created by CMG. (15)

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Continuando con la estrategia de Nubi de vender alianzas con empresas internacionales de primera linha como Samsung, Visa, Transferwise, y PayPal, la fintech argentina concreta este nuevo acuerdo, que permite a sus usuarios acceder al Programa de Desarrollo de Negocios de eBay y recibir la asesora y
Xavier Aguirre, Senior Manager of Business Development at eBay Latinoamérica, was the one who referred to this hit: “It is an excellent opportunity to support Pymes and entrepreneurs by cross-border trade. eBay, as a global platform, provides them with access to 185 million buyers in 190 markets, enhancing their chances of building a successful international company. Furthermore, by being able to set prices in dollars, PyMes and entrepreneurs would be able to make more profits.”
This news comes on the heels of the recent launch of Nubi Cuenta, an app that allows any user to pay, save, and manage all of their expenses from their phone. Nubi’s Android app allows users to send and receive money from third parties, including bank accounts (CBU), virtual accounts (CVU), and other Nubi users (P2P). Furthermore, it is a method for paying for utilities, recharging the SUBE, and charging the phone.

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The site is used to connect buyers and sellers, but it has one unique feature: it places a premium on location and security. In comparison to other websites, transactions are not performed online; instead, a person interested in a particular product contacts the vendor by phone or email and completes the transaction in person. “Being local is a very important feature that provides security to users, reducing fraud significantly,” says Diego Noriega, General Manager, eBay Classifieds Group LatAm – alaMaula.

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