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Best eos 10 cast of other brands

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Radio drama and the radio star were both killed by video. Old-style radio dramas have been relegated to the deep recesses of public radio for decades, and their audiences have dwindled. With the emergence of podcasting, there is now a chance to revive these dramas, and in recent years, a slew of entrepreneurs and lovers of the spoken word have poured their energies into producing audio dramas. Podcasts like Welcome To Night Vale and SAYER are inspired by the old style, but they don’t imitate it. They’re dramas, but they’re far from being movies. This is where EOS 10 and other podcasts find their audience.
Justin McLachlan’s EOS 10 is self-described as a “scifi radio play and podcast,” and it definitely lives up to the play part, emulating the feel of old radio play productions admirably. Although the audio mixing is a little simple at first, it improves over time as the EOS 10 progresses through its two seasons. Moving from the first to the second season, the voice acting improves along with the audio quality. Overall, the voice acting is excellent, if not overwrought, and Charles Lipper, who plays the deposed Prince cum dishwasher Levi, is a standout. The production and acting work together to move the plot forward and keep it moving at a good pace.

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Certainly! However, the production team may not think it is safe to have someone working in the studio at this time – so, like the rest of the world, we are in limbo. Our cast and crew’s health and wellbeing are our responsibility, and we will not jeopardize it.
Thank you so much for creating EOS 10. It’s fantastic and hilarious, and it’s slowly eating away at my soul. I need to yell at people about it and I’m going nuts if you don’t make a discord for it. It’s an overabundance of incredible stories.
Are there any official definitions of the eos10 characters? I know there are some references to different physical characteristics in the show, but I was wondering if there was any additional art or details that had been released? You’re a fantastic actor!

✌️ Eos 10 season 5

Samir’s voice is sung by Sushant Adlakha.

🔅 Levi eos 10

Sushant is an aspiring blogger, model, and content designer. He was born and raised in Mumbai, India, before moving to New York City and graduating from NYU in 2018. Between his “actual” work and his “real” passion, he spends the majority of his time. He’s worked on multimedia projects with Buzzfeed, Comedy Central, and Epicurious, as well as appearing in the history of other projects. He’s also a part of the upcoming web series “Don’t Suck.” Follow him on Instagram for more details, where he hopes to change the world (or something).
Argeaux’s voice, Giancarlo Herrera
Giancarlo is a New York-based actor who graduated from Florida State University with a BA in Theatre. Eurydice (Lord of the Underworld), Living on Love (Robert Samson), and Unnecessary Farce are some of her recent credits (Eric Sheridan). Visit to learn more about him.
Carlyle’s Briggon Snowvoice
Briggon is the co-founder of Atypical Artists and the voice of Caleb on the influential science-fiction podcast The Bright Sessions.
Briggon is an actor with a diverse and growing body of work on screen and behind the mic, with regular roles on Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers, CBS’ Seal Team, Showtime’s Masters of Sex, and fiction podcasts such as Paul Bae’s The Big Loop, EOS 10, My Neighbors Are Dead, Ars Paradoxica, Greater Boston, and a lead role in ARCS and the forthcoming third season of Super Ordinary. He is both an advocate for and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and his art reflects his lifelong commitment to foster and encourage inclusion, diversity, and visibility.

👼 Natalie cutcher

Justin McLachlan hosts the podcast EOS 10. The title refers to the location of the film, which is a space station. The premise is that Dr. Horace Urvidian (Dan Berry), the station’s chief medical officer, has become an alcoholic. Urvidian’s failure will be an embarrassment because he is a well-known figure in the Alliance (with a children’s book published about him). Dr. Ryan Dalias (McLachlan) is assigned as his new chief of surgery to prevent this. Ryan, the son of an admiral with a past with Urvidian, has drug abuse experience and persuades Urvidian to quit drinking.
Nurse Jane Johns (Natalie Cutcher), a snarky extrovert who possibly became that way to escape Urvidian, joins the medical team alongside the two doctors. She also has feelings for Dr. Osolong, a staff member who is listed but never seen and is homosexual.
Levi (Charles Lipper), a deposed alien prince who now works at the station cafeteria, rounds out the main cast. Levi is sweet, but a hypochondriac, which explains his frequent interactions with medical personnel. Levi is still not above breaking the law to get what he wants.

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