Everything ok meme

Everything ok meme

“is everything ok in there”

The word “ok” (or “okay”) is believed to have its roots in the Greek term “o,” which was used by sailors in the 19th century to mean “all is well on the ship.” MINE, a San Francisco design company, developed yellow barrier tape with the words “all is fine” written on it in 2006. All is fine with them, according to the studio, was intended to be “both an affirmative expression and a condemning indictment of mediocrity.” The phrase became something of an internet meme, particularly after it was written on a sign kept by libertarians every day in Hyde Park in London for years.
All is not well right now in a significant way. Poverty, illness, inequality, and other issues are universally acknowledged. There are issues. However, the majority of these issues stem from our failure to recognize that it’s okay. We don’t know that human beings (including ourselves) are capable of addressing, minimizing, and resolving these issues. We don’t understand the emergence of complex order in human society on its own. We don’t think we’ll be able to do it. As a result, we look to things we delude ourselves into believing are outside of society, such as organized religion and the nation-state. We look at them as superhumans, deus ex machina, to solve problems that they are unable to solve because they are not outside of humanity. These institutions exacerbate the issue. They don’t bring something to humanity that wasn’t already there, and they cause new issues. Then we turn to them again and again to solve our problems, despite the fact that the only solution to these problems lies inside humanity itself.

This is fine! | adult swim

The three-word term has now become a metaphor for when a situation gets so bad that our minds can’t deal with it. Is there an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? That’s perfect. Is it true that the polar ice sheets are melting at a faster rate than ever before? That’s perfect. Is Donald Trump the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for President of the United States? This is also appropriate.
“On Fire,” a webcomic from 2013, inspired the current alt concept. A hat-wearing dog sits at a kitchen table in the six panels. “This is perfect,” the dog says, despite the fact that the room is engulfed in flames. The dog lifts a coffee mug to its lips with ease. “I’m fine with how things are going right now,” the dog says as he sips from the mug. Its arm combusts into a crimson splatter. “That’s fine,” the dog says. “Everything will be fine.” Then, like one of the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the dog’s face melts.
The comic is part of Green’s long-running Gunshow series, but, like many of Green’s other iconic creations, such as “Dick Butt” and “Staredad,” “This Is Fine” has become a meme.

This is fine

Everyone has seen the This is good meme at this stage. Although other memes have come and gone over the years, the image of a dog sitting in a burning building telling itself that all is fine has remained prominent. One of the reasons that this meme has lasted so long when others have faded is that it still seems to be important to what’s going on in the world, which has never been truer than in 2020.
This is good was initially the first two panels of KC Green’s Gunshow webcomic. The strip was titled On Fire, and it continued to show the dog reassuring itself that all was well when melting like a wax figurine. The meme was posted in a way that is now more widely used on Reddit about a year later. “Accurate representation of me coping with university tension,” the title of the post read. Despite the fact that this occurred in January of 2014, the meme has since taken on a life of its own, being the visual image of feeling overwhelmed while retaining the belief that all is fine.

Diehard, everything’s ok meme

“I’m good” is one of the oldest phrases in the history of modern communication. It’s the standard response if someone inquires about another’s well-being. When exchanged between two acquaintances who happen upon each other in passing, the casual answer usually means exactly what it implies. When asked by someone much closer during a rough period, however, the interpretation may be much more profound. It’s so deep, in fact, that it typically means the individual isn’t feeling well. That’s why the phrase “I’m fine” has become a running gag, especially in romantic relationships. Nobody likes to hear those two words spoken by their significant other because it typically means two things: the person isn’t doing well, and the other person in the relationship is usually to blame. Here are 15 of the best “I’m Fine” memes and jokes in celebration of all the reasons why anyone would lie about feeling fine.
Call it sexist, but females are the ones who get the most flak for saying “I’m good” when they don’t mean it. If you agree or disagree with this statement, it’s difficult to deny that there are some pretty funny jokes about girls saying, “I’m fine.” That’s because when a girl says all is perfect, there’s just a small chance it is. Don’t take our word for it, though. This pie chart is evidence of that. “I’m great” just means she’s fine on special occasions. It normally indicates that she is having so many internal conflicts that she feels like she is dying or that she wants to kill someone. The orange slice of the pie is most likely intended for friends and family, while the red slice is a response to her significant other.

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