El gordo de laprimitiva comprobar cupon

El gordo de laprimitiva comprobar cupon

El gordo de la primitiva draw time

This is a difficult lottery, more complicated than Bonoloto but easier, mathematically speaking, than La Primitiva or Euromillions, this would be the probability table for the category of hits (or prizes):
If, if we fill in a ticket with a simple bet, our probability of winning the jackpot of El Gordo de la Primitiva would be one in 31,625,100, the easier it would be for us to be struck by lightning and worse…
On the Internet you can play and stamp El Gordo de la Primitiva tickets, as well as check the results of the draws. In our website to check lottery every Sunday we update them after the celebration of the draw.

El gordo de la primitiva prizes

Today we talk about an app that allows us to scan primitiva, bonoloto, Euromillions…. This app is called SCANLOTERÍA and has received the Cátedra Indra 2013 award for best project in Computer Engineering.
It is also recommended not to produce shadows on the ticket or cover the printed parts of it. The two lower rectangles of the ticket must be within the scanner’s field of vision. We recommend touching the screen of the device to focus the document in the best possible way.
We want to tell you from here that it is one of the best apps to scan tickets of primitiva, euromillones… . We will not have to do anything, just scan our bets. The rest is taken care of by the application.
Really good. It will notify us every time a draw that we have bet on takes place. In this way we do not have to be pending that the draw takes place to have to compare the results with our tickets.

El gordo de la primitiva check qr

A suspended match is an event that occurs unexpectedly when it is not possible to perform it.  But, do you know what happens if a betting game is suspended? The content of this post will give you the answer!
In our website you can play all the weekly draws without leaving home. At Loterías Juanito we also offer you the possibility to buy lottery tickets with total security because, unlike other websites, this one is backed by our lottery administration with physical location, because it has never been so easy to get tickets for all the lotteries online, and because we do not charge any commission to our customers, Loterías Juanito is your best option to buy lottery tickets online every week.
Then, buying a participation in any of the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado lotteries online is as easy as clicking on the lottery you want to participate in, making your play and validating your bet.


All this has had its “reward”. Between champagne, confetti and hugs, Matilde, the worker who sold the ten tickets of 26,590, endowed with 4,000,000 euros to the series, has expressed his satisfaction at having distributed luck with this fat so early. He could not hide his joy.
While those who have the second prize in their hands will get 125,000 euros per tenth played, the winners of the third prize will get 50,000. On the other hand, the two fourth prizes will get 20,000 euros and the eight fifth prizes will get 6,000 euros per tenth bet. Among the rest of the smaller prizes we can also find 1,794 prizes of 1,000 euros, also known as pedreas.

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