Fang and lightning list

Fang and lightning list

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To be frank, it depends on the enemies you’re up against. If I wanted to get a specific status ailment as soon as possible, or even if I only cared about which status ailments were inflicted first, I’d command Fang. If I wanted to maximize the effectiveness of Lightning’s AoE attacks, I’d take care of her. If I had to control the sequence of SYN buffs or use his -ga spells to disrupt the enemy, I’d control Hope.
If you ever want to use Fang as a sentinel and don’t want to micromanage her behaviour too much, making her the leader is a bad idea. Sentinels seem to modify their targets at random, and the leader’s target is everyone’s target with a few exceptions (most notably the extra COMs in paradigms with more than one). This will result in inefficient combat, and whenever I use a sentinel, I want the other two to be as powerful as possible. (This holds true for every other SEN, but Fang is the only “natural” sentinel in your setup.) That, along with a few other points I make, may be less relevant postgame.) I wouldn’t make Hope the leader because, unlike other FFs, if the leader dies, the game is over, and Hope just has a few hit points. So Lightning appears to be your default choice. In almost every case where I had a pick, I used Light, Fang, Vanille, which is close to your setup except the main caster has slightly less oomph in return for being able to take some hits. The other difference is that instead of a SYN, you have a second SAB; the good thing about your setup is that all six positions are portrayed.

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Fang is cocky, self-assured, and obstinate, and, like Lightning, is sarcastic, determined, and self-sufficient, yet vulnerable when discussing her experience. Fang has a sharp wit and a dry sense of humor, as well as the ability to be stern, which created friction between her and Lightning when they first met. Fang has a loving and compassionate side, particularly towards Vanille, despite her cockiness and confidence. She cares deeply for her friends and is willing to go to great lengths to defend them. Fang has a “crazy fearlessness about her,” according to Lightning. 1st

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I’d say, “Well.” Although Fang isn’t a precision shooter, she can use a blade from her time in Oerba, and the heft of the lance and different center of gravity will throw Lightning for a loop. The biggest challenge to Lightning losing a sparring match with Fang, in my opinion, is not the guns, but rather the… She’s dressed in distracting Dragoon armor.
Final Chapters – Repetition (16 & 17)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
MStory (rating) In conclusion: It would be naive to believe that things would be any different in the modern world, as much as she would like to see it. Lightning has been avoiding the western civil war’s rising conflict since witnessing an atrocity she can no longer bear. Project AU for Final Fantasy XIII: Nu (Events take place after FFXIII:LR in the New World.) No, no, no, no. Not at all. Only the year 2020 has me on my back, like it has so many of us during the Most Cursed Year. But have a wonderful Fangrai February, everybody! It’s just… It’s been almost a year since my last update… … (Before the obligatory “omg, I’m going to have to read it from the beginning because I don’t know what happened!”) Is it really so awful to have to read a Flight fic instead of dealing with… (*makes wildly gesticulating motions to the outside world*)

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Fang is a mysterious woman who, while bearing the dreaded l’Cie label, works for the Sanctum military. She has the attitude of someone who is unconcerned with life’s minor details, being strong-willed and unable to mince words. Oerba Oerba Oerba Oerba Oerba O Yun Yun Yun Yun Yun Yu Fang is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII who also appears in Final Fantasy XIII-2 as a non-playable character and as a temporary party member in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. “Fang of the Yun clan, from the village of Oerba,” is her full name.
Fang is introduced in Final Fantasy XIII as a Gran Pulse l’Cie who is serving with a division of the Sanctum’s military under mysterious circumstances. Fang is a powerful woman surrounded by mysteries who is motivated by a personal motive to finish her Focus in order to save her childhood friend from a fate worse than death.
Fang’s complexion is brown, and her black hair is wavy and braided behind her left ear. Fang has green eyes and purple claw-shaped earrings, as well as a beauty mark under her right eye. She has scars on her right arm and shoulder and dresses in a blue sari with tribal accessories that resembles a typical Indian sari. Fang is dressed in a black bra top with black sleeves that cover her forearms, brown leather open-toed knee-high boots, and two fur pelts dangling from a cord under her spear belt. Fang has the l’Cie brand on her right shoulder and a big tattoo on her left shoulder that resembles the Bladed Lance’s two-pronged tip. Fang’s brand is white and static, unlike the other l’Cie labels, which are black and progressive.

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