Do you know which are the best fifa 17 version 1.05?

Do you know which are the best fifa 17 version 1.05?

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FIFA 17 has received a new update, which is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. Last week, PC players received an update that addressed issues in a variety of modes and improved many visual, presentation, and gameplay features. Simply turn on your console and launch FIFA 17, and the update should begin automatically. With a file size of just under 1GB, it shouldn’t take long to download. Continue reading to find out what’s new in this latest update when it eventually arrives.
In FIFA Ultimate Team, I addressed the following:
In the kit select screen, the player’s correct kit is shown.
Custom player roles will no longer be available in Team Management during gameplay.
Switching a higher-rated player for a lower-rated player caused the overall squad rating to rise in Squad Building Challenges.
From the FUT Champions matchup screen, the Est. Date, Crest, and Squad Name have been removed.
The latency bar graphic has been updated to include more information about the communication quality. In Career Mode, we fixed a problem where the current weekly wages from the budget tab did not accurately represent the actual weekly wages. Changes to the visual/presentation: Slow motion goal replays now have a better camera range. EATV buffering has been addressed. The audio balance of French commentators was addressed. The Journey’s game commentary language now defaults to the language selected in Game Settings. In gameplay, the following issues were addressed: For low-pressure tactics, the defensive line role was adjusted. A problem where a pass was made without a button press was fixed. More Details

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FIFA 17 has a significant advantage over Pro Evolution Soccer 17 by developing an original PC game rather than a mediocre port. The game makes use of the latest Frostbite engine, and as a result, it looks fantastic. However, FIFA Ultimate Team, an online mode that allows you to compete with friends and players from all over the world using custom teams, is the pinnacle of the FIFA 17 experience.
Despite its fun factor, this mode has been plagued by bugs and crashes. The ALT-Tab crash is one of the most persistent, resulting in instant disconnects and, as a result, loss. This is a well-known anti-cheat measure, but it unfortunately prevents you from multitasking while playing.
Some users have stated that the FUT game crashes as a result of background applications. Disabling those apps and their associated processes is our best bet for solving the problem. Desktop crashes should be avoided or minimized by disabling Skype, Windows Update, and antivirus software.
However, we recognize that some of you enjoy changing your music playlist or chatting on social media while playing. However, Alt-Tab should not be used when playing FUT until an alternate solution is provided.

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EA Sports announced on June 23, 2016, that the J1 League and the J. League of Japan will be integrated into the game for the first time in its history, as well as the addition of the Estadio de Suita (the new home of the Gamba Osaka club) as a new licensed venue for the game.

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The Journey was announced on EA Sports’ official YouTube channel on June 12, 2016,[8], but it was also confirmed that it will not be released on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 due to technical limitations.

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Both players are included in the club’s preseason tour of the United States, where they will face Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Paris Saint-Germain. During the regular season, after starting the majority of games as a substitute, Alex Hunter is sold to Newcastle United, Aston Villa, or Norwich City as a result of the club’s significant investment in Harry Kane and Angel Di Mara. Hunter returns to his alma mater after impressing in preseason in the EFL, only to discover that Walker has joined the club’s rivals.

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Custom Leagues, one of the game’s newest features, was temporarily disabled due to a bug. It has been restored thanks to a fast patch from Sony, and a larger update is set to arrive early Friday morning.
Keep in mind that, apart from user feedback, the pitcher’s BB/9 and difficulty setting standards are still the most important factors in overall accuracy. This update would help you more if you hit perfect meter more frequently than someone who doesn’t.
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Pitchers should be able to find their spots a little more and get a few less meatballs as a result of the increased exit velo on balls they put in play. Batters should not lose offense as a result of the increased exit velo on balls they put in play.
The majority of the post-release changes have focused on hitting in competitive modes. However, as someone who spends as much–if not more–time offline than online, it’s nice to see Sony split the two.

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