Former board member

Former board member

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A board of directors is a body of people who oversee the operations of an organization, which may be for-profit or charitable, such as a corporation, nonprofit, or government agency.
Government legislation (including the jurisdiction’s corporate law) and the organization’s own constitution and by-laws establish a board of directors’ rights, duties, and obligations. These authorities can determine the number of board members, how they will be selected, and how often they will meet.
The board of directors of a voting association is accountable to and can be subordinate to the organization’s full membership, which normally elects the board members. Non-executive directors are chosen by the shareholders of a stock company, and the board of directors is primarily responsible for the corporation’s management. In countries with codetermination (such as Germany and Sweden), a corporation’s employees elect a certain proportion of the board of directors.

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Maintaining The Organization’s Relationships with Former Board Members After They’ve Gone

A tribute to outgoing board members

Relationships are difficult. They take time, they demand attention, and they usually necessitate a little patience and understanding. Why should you throw away everything you’ve invested in your board members’ relationships when one of them leaves?
For several organisations, the end of the year marks the election of a new board of directors and the departure of those whose terms have come to an end. Consider how your company will maintain its good relationship with departing board members as they ride off into the sunset. After all, there are individuals who have volunteered their time and skills to the company during their board terms. They are most definitely long-time supporters of your company. Former board members are an integral part of the organization’s constituency, and it makes sense to keep in touch with them.
Recognize and thank the board members for their service as they leave. This will pave the way for the partnership to continue. It can be difficult to remember departing board members. Some people like being recognized in public, while others do not. Recognition may be as easy as expressions of gratitude at the final board meeting of departing members. Some organizations may opt for a more elaborate approach, which includes everything from plaque presentations to holding “going away” parties.

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“Flexibility and adaptability, according to Buzz, were essential to resilience because social-ecological systems needed to be able to adapt to the unexpected. He was a brilliant scientist and mentor who was constantly linking people and ideas.”
Buzz was born in 1930 and grew up in the woods of Northern Ontario. His academic career started at the University of Toronto, where he earned a BA and an MSc in Zoology. He went on to the University of British Columbia, where he obtained his PhD in mathematical theory of predator-prey interactions in 1957.
He researched the dynamic and diverse relationships between people and nature as the director of the Institute of Resource Ecology at UBC, which led to his resilience theories. In the 1990s, he based himself at the University of Florida, where his research contributed to the formation of the Resilience Alliance, an international research hub dedicated to human and natural system resilience.
During his service, he won several awards, including the Ecological Society of America’s Mercer Award and Eminent Ecologist Award, the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, and the Volvo Environmental Prize.

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Holding past board members involved within charitable organizations is proving to be highly helpful to nonprofit boards and management. Invite them to serve on committees, where they can still contribute valuable experiences and experience, is one way to achieve this aim. Furthermore, association meetings are a great way to keep past board members involved. Personalize event invites and include short messages to former board members saying “hello” and “thanks again for serving on our board” before sending them out. This personal touch reminds the former board member that they are respected and that their attendance is appreciated. Give “former board member” nametags to past board members who attend such activities as discussion starters and to increase their activity at the event. Another suggestion is to give all former board members an annual update. They will appreciate the special attention provided to them and will be more likely to participate in the future. If your company uses direct mail to connect with former board members, make sure the letter is customized and contains the individual’s previous role. Finally, organize an annual meeting specifically for retired board members where they can ask questions of management and receive updates on the organization’s mission and planned activities.

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