Future of fintech conference

Future of fintech conference

The future of fintech

The current situation has compelled MENA companies, customers, and financial intermediaries to refocus their attention on developing a strategic response across the fintech and banking ecosystem. As contactless offerings become the new standard, the pandemic has undeniably served as a catalyst for rapid acceptance and usage of FinTech platforms.
Nispana’s virtual event “MENA the Future of Fintech” will look at how the financial services sector can refocus on reopening and restoring the economy, as well as how Fintech and digital technology enablers will impact the future of banking in the MENA region.

Future of fintech 2019 – main stage interviews

All will be different in 2020, when CB Insights hosts a truly virtual event on the “Future of Fintech.” Over the course of three days, the conference will feature five content sources, 60+ fireside chats, 50+ presentations, and exclusive CB Insights analysis.
“The CB Insights “Future of Fintech” conference was one of the conferences I was most looking forward to attending in 2020. Although I prefer to do this in person, the global livestream ensures that the event will be open to people all over the world. This will be one of the most important fintech activities of the year.”
The company, a boutique consultancy, focuses on how personal finance companies can better engage with their clients and assist them in making better financial decisions. In order to recognize new innovations that can improve consumer relationships, the company collaborates with many of the UK’s leading long-term savings firms, financial advisors, and technology providers. More recently, the company has launched its own InsureTech and RegTech projects to assist advisers in finding the right life insurance and occupational pensions options for their clients.

The future of fintech: jisp

Prepare to join the virtual world.

Rishi khosla interviewed at cb insights future of fintech

Prepare to order Seamless.

Webinar: the future of fintech. insights for 2021 | intellectsoft

The Seamless Future of Fintech Summit takes place at a time when the global financial environment is undergoing unparalleled change. The summit will help key industry stakeholders boost citizen lives and work in the ‘new standard,’ as it is aligned with key G20 banking policy and Sherpa track topics, UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), and major global developments. This virtual event is the dialogue forum that the industry has been waiting for, as technology continues to disrupt monetary structures, the need to better serve the unbanked and underbanked masses remains, and the drive towards cashless or cash lite economies now becomes a priority. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) and the G20 Saudi Secretariat co-hosted this event as part of The International Conferences Program to commemorate Saudi Arabia’s presidency of the G20 in 2020. The summit, which brings together leaders from every continent, discusses the world’s most pressing issues and introduces effective global solutions. This virtual event will concentrate on the strategies, technology, and big ideas that banks, fintechs, and financial professionals will need to succeed in 2020 and beyond.

Future of fintech keynote

FinTech Connect was a once-in-a-lifetime event with an unforgettable experience. Great ideas, stimulating conversations, and a massive opportunity to network and discuss with payment disruptors and influencers.
Thank you for inviting me to participate; I had a great time. I also wanted to express my appreciation for a well-organized and well-attended meeting. When compared to the same case last year, there was a more pronounced positive difference.
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