Game of thrones group project meme

Game of thrones group project meme

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Game of Thrones season 8, episode 6 spoilers. That’s what there is to it! The Game of Thrones season finale took place, and there was a huge, world-altering twist that no one saw coming: Bran Stark, the Three-Eyed Raven, was crowned king? As is customary, the Internet has the best reactions to anything related to the show, and this time was no exception. If you, like me, are unsure how to respond to this news, please allow me to share the best meme reactions with you so that we can process it together. Bran: I’m not sure about that. By default, I’m winning. When all (literally) catches fire around you…
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The beards – if your dad doesn’t have a beard, you’ve got

This is the list for you if you only need anything to get you through the day or if you want to torment your colleagues with the best Game of Thrones memes. We have the ideal Jon meme for responding to your boss, as well as the ideal Littlefinger meme for dealing with your chatty coworker. Let the meme wars begin!
Nobody enjoys working on a community project. There’s always that one person who doesn’t do their part, and there are plenty of hilarious Game of Thrones memes for that. Is it better to be an Ayra or a Bran?
Perhaps there’s a Jon Snow and Daenerys meme that’s appropriate for the workplace? Have you ever made a Game of Thrones joke at work? In the forums, tell us about the best Game of Thrones memes you’ve ever seen!
Warriors princesses, NeverEnding Stories, mythical monsters, sword battles, and people going off on adventures fueled my geekdom as a kid in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, not much has changed!
I’ve always been drawn to stories, and Star Wars and World of Warcraft are two of my favorites. I’m quickly smitten by fandoms, devouring everything I can get my hands on, including games, spin-offs, and bonus content. As a massive animal lover, I’m always asking my fiance if I can adopt any adorable fantasy creature I see. Despite the fact that we only have two cats, Milo and George, I would gladly have several more – perhaps a zoo if I could!

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One of the most intense television events in history was watching Game of Thrones’ The Battle of Winterfell. There were heartbreaking moments (we’re looking at you, Lyanna Mormont) and moments of complete healing (don’t mess with Arya Stark.) Since the episode was so well-known, it was inevitable that a slew of memes based on The Battle of Winterfell would swarm the internet the next day. Since the amusing online responses to the final episodes just add to the epic experience for Thrones fans, it seems that Game of Thrones memes are just as mandatory as the show itself.
This is completely accurate. We’re almost positive this is how it will go down if The Starks were working on a community project together. Group projects are almost always a nightmare because half of the participants are typically not paying attention to the project—Sansa, Jon, and Bran—while the other half is expected to do almost all of the work (love you, Arya). This is an excellent explanation of how everyone behaved during The Battle of Winterfell, which is perhaps the most intense “community project” of all time.

Punch activated arm flamethrowers (real life firebending

Warning: This story contains Game of Thrones spoilers. It’s been a long and winding dragon journey, but we’ve arrived at our destination: The final episode of Game of Thrones aired after eight seasons. From Cersei’s plotting and wine-drinking portion of the realm to the godswood, where Arya showed the Night King what a true warrior is, fans have traveled to the most epic reaches of the Seven Kingdoms. Throughout the series, we’ve seen some pretty intense stuff. We’ve said our goodbyes to a few of our most famous characters. We’ve had vengeance taken. We’ve seen clues pay off in the past. And the way it all came to a close was bound to spark a lot of discussion.
Following Jon Snow’s decision to kill Daenerys Targaryen in the aftermath of her sacking of King’s Landing in the previous episode, the show changes gears and focuses on politics. Who will be king now that the Iron Throne is no longer in use? Bran, much to the surprise of many, is the solution. Sansa is now Queen of the North, no longer a member of the Seven Kingdoms, and the final moments accompany the Stark siblings as they embark on their own personal journeys. Arya embarks on an adventure with no predetermined destination. After taking the black as a punishment for killing Dany, Jon Snow makes his way beyond the Wall. The episode was met with mixed reactions from viewers. Regardless of whether you liked it, disliked it, or felt it was just plain dull, you can all laugh at the most funny memes and responses from the series finale. It’s done, so don’t whine. Take comfort in the fact that you’ll be able to use these memes indefinitely. The best Game of Thrones finale memes can be found below. Jon Snow is a fictional character who appears in the

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