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Game theory is a method for thinking about social circumstances involving competing teams. Game theory is, in several ways, the science of strategy, or, at the very least, the optimal decision-making of autonomous and competing players in a strategic environment.
In the 1940s, mathematician John von Neumann and economist Oskar Morgenstern were important proponents of game theory. Many consider mathematician John Nash to be the first important extension of von Neumann and Morgenstern’s work.
The game, which serves as a model of an interactive situation among rational players, is at the center of game theory.
The secret to understanding game theory is that one player’s payoff is dependent on the other player’s strategy.
The game determines the players’ roles, interests, and available strategies, as well as the impact of these strategies on the outcome. Various other conditions or assumptions may be required depending on the model.

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This summer, our institute is a provider of internships for the DAAD RISE Germany initiative. Undergraduate students from North America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland may participate in the RISE program, which provides research internships.
We are pleased to announce that we were awarded three projects out of a total of 280 projects across all German universities. We were paired with interns from Washington State University, as well as the Universities of Chicago and Missouri, by the DAAD RISE squad.
In the summer of 2021, our interns will help with analysis for the following projects: Dr. Jens. M. Schmidt and our Ph.D. students Tobias Stamm (MSc) and Matthias Kaul are working on The Key to Faster Production Planning, Quantum Annealing, and Cooperation in Electric Vehicle Charging (MSc).
Christian Ortlieb, a new PhD student at our institute, is warmly welcomed. Algorithmic and structural graph theory are his areas of research. He’s interested in separate spanning trees and how they can be used in broadcasting.
Matthias Kaul and Tobias Stamm, two new PhD candidates, have joined our institute. Their research focuses on the development of algorithms for difficult optimization problems in engineering and the natural sciences. Best wishes for success!

▶ Game theory and society

The sender and receiver have the same objectives, according to classic communication theories, especially the groundbreaking model developed by electrical engineer Claude Shannon and mathematician Warren Weaver more than 70 years ago. Both want to deliver whatever message is being conveyed as error-free and interference-free as possible.
But what if their objectives aren’t the same? Competing companies will try to prioritize their messages or otherwise gain an advantage as our 21st-century infrastructure is rapidly stitched together using Wi-Fi or 5G networking.
Game theory analyzes and attempts to compensate for any prejudices that individual players may have by breaking down rational decision-making interactions into mathematical models. Although game theory originated in economics, it has since been extended to a variety of fields, including social science, logic studies, systems science, computer science, and biology.
Although most communications would not directly compete with one another, Akyol expects more “misaligned” intentions as smart homes communicate with appliances and smart vehicles interact on congested highways. How can Ford and Tesla vehicles, for example, communicate with one another in a secure manner?

↘ Covid game theory

Each vaccine dose purchased directly from manufacturers by a wealthy nation is not only a win for that country, but also a loss for another – an outcome game theorists refer to as a zero-sum game, as McAdams recently explained in a LinkedIn live discussion.
“We will all prosper if we could all come together and unite to end this global pandemic,” McAdams said. “However, individual wealthy countries may lack sufficient incentives to do so. They may be able to “free-ride” on the efforts of other wealthy nations, allowing more inequality to emerge when countries do not contribute their fair share.
“It is only normal for countries to race to obtain doses for themselves while excluding others,” he explained. “However, if we think about it ahead of time and prepare for it, we believe that these bilateral agreements can be designed in a way that improves global supply.”
When a wealthy nation, such as the United States, secures a vaccine contract with a manufacturer, McAdams and colleagues recommend that the deal include provisions to ensure that the vaccine maker can share expertise and technology that will enable other vaccine manufacturers to produce the vaccine as well.

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