Geek my tree price

Geek my tree price

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Hang It, Charge It, and See It Go! GlowFlakes come with 40 effects that span 64 LED snowflakes and show magnificent color and dazzling effects. With GeekMyTree’s unique vertical hanging ring and tangle-free light strands, setup is fast, easy, and painless. GlowFlakes are ideal for both live and artificial plants, as well as pre-lit trees.
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This week’s episode of ABC’s Shark Tank was the show’s annual holiday special, with all of the business pitches relating to the holiday spirit and festivities. Sharks are a type of marine mammal As aspiring entrepreneurs competed for an investment for their up-and-coming companies, Barbara Cocoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary sat back and watched.
Brad Boyink enters the tank with a unique take on conventional Christmas tree lighting. nerd Animated Glo-balls, a form of tree light that uses LED bulbs, are available from My Tree. These lights are easier to hang, can be personalized to create exclusive light shows, and can be fully controlled through a compatible app.
The sharks are initially mesmerized by the over 100 different lighting patterns that users will apply to their Glo-balls. This astonishment, however, is short-lived, as Brad reveals that he is actually selling the lights for $299 to $399. This is a significant sum of money to spend on a string of lights that is only used for a week or two each year. Brad attempts to explain the high price by claiming that the consumer receives the lights, a remote, and a smartphone app with a variety of light patterns (which by the way, you only get 16 patterns for the purchase price and have to buy any additional ones through the app). Brad mentions that he might lower the price by 20-30%, but that he’d have to raise his inventory exponentially to do so.

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Geek My Tree is a collection of Christmas lights that transform your Christmas tree into a stunning light display. An app can monitor, program, and synchronize the lights, which are animated. The lights are intended for Christmas trees that are 6 to 8 feet tall. Straight strands that can be wrapped around the tree and a ring that fits perfectly on top of the tree are included with the decorations.
Geek My Tree was created by Brad Boyink. He was born and raised in Grand Haven, Michigan. Brad’s house was renowned for being the coolest on the block. He put on a synchronized light show outside his house in 2006 and uploaded a video to YouTube, which got a lot of positive feedback. That’s where he got the idea to start his own Christmas light business. Then he got to work on it and came up with animated glow balls.
Brad Boyink made an appearance on a special holiday episode (episode no. 712). Brad pitched this product on Shark Tank for $225,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in the company. He said he wants to modernize Christmas tree lights by adding the excitement and fun of an animated outdoor lights show to the Christmas tree when pitching the product.

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The Animated GlowBalls from GeekMyTree combine ease of use and premium features in a way that rivals competing LED lighting items. Lights go from box to full-color animated show in around 10 minutes thanks to its unique vertical hanging mechanism. No programming is needed since Animated GlowBalls come pre-loaded with 16 effects, and users can download more free and low-cost, professionally-designed effects via a free smartphone app and create a playlist of their favorites. The pre-programmed effects can do a lot more than just “blink” or “chase” patterns, which are usually the limits of competitive items.
In a market where low-quality hardware appears to be the standard, GeekMyTree stands out with superior components. Most standard LED items rely on low-grade, 7-color bulbs, whereas each Animated GlowBall contains two full-spectrum LEDS that provide vivid 360-degree illumination in every visible color – the same high quality found on LED concert screens – whereas most Animated GlowBalls contain two full-spectrum LEDS that provide vivid 360-degree illumination in every visible color – the same high quality found on LED concert screens. Animated GlowBalls can last much longer than other alternatives, with a useful life of over 50,000 hours.

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