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Instead, New Englanders flock to Maine’s four corners. I missed this organized ride through the four corners of Maine because I had just returned to Maine after being “trapped” in Northern Ireland during lockdown. I’m fortunate in that I can see… Continue reading
In February/March, while traveling across Europe from the United States, I became trapped in my hometown of Portrush, Northern Ireland. The pandemic of the corona virus had reached new heights, and I chose not to risk returning to the United States. So, months have passed…Read More
Vespa LX 150 (Piaggio) 2009 year | 150cc automatic | 2500 miles Excellent condition Piaggio Vespa LX150. $2,750 Vespa LX scooter in Dragon red. This scooter has been meticulously maintained and is in excellent condition. Brake levers for dog legs…Read More
SIP’s latest custom bike is featured in this interesting article: Butcher Garage produced a unique custom bike for SIP, a German parts distributor. The bodywork on the ‘Escape’ was cut from a Vespa PX 150. Continue reading…
Please double-check the event before making travel plans. Date of the Rally 24th Annual City State Spring Scooter 24th Annual City State Spring Scooter 24th Annual City State Spring Scooter 24th Annual City Dead or Alive in Portland XI Elvis Presley Memphis, TN, April 20 Dickie the Whiskey Stroundsburg, PA, May 11-13 Amerivespa is a resort in the United States. Richmond, Virginia, June 6-10, 2018…Read More

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We’ve spent the last 15 years building North America’s largest credit community, with thousands of companies providing unrestricted updates and regular alerts on their clients, partners, and vendors. Since we agree that this knowledge should be freely available, our community is open to everyone.
The data for this company profile was gathered from a variety of third-party sources, including public records, user submissions, and other commercially accessible data sources. These sources may not be right, full, or current.

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We include computer repair, hardware upgrade, virus removal with tuneup, wired/wireless networks, custom designed desktops, refurbished/new desktop/laptop computers, web design, and internet marketing to Treasure Valley residents and businesses.

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Our goal is to provide excellent service at a reasonable cost. We will save you hundreds of dollars by repairing your computer and tuning it to run faster than when it was new. Don’t be misled by big box retailers who tell you that you need to replace your computer every two years. Will you buy a car every two years if you were ordered to by the dealerships?

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We were happy to see one of the new Lime-S electric scooters make a cameo this weekend at a community “bike rodeo” safety event for kids because certain people in my house are major fans of the Lime-E shareable electric bikes as a new alternative for getting around the neighborhood.
LimeBike, Spin, and Bird have all deployed shareable electric scooters in San Francisco and Southern California, to mixed reviews, but they have yet to be approved in Seattle. According to reports, the city is debating whether to grant permits for electric scooter sharing until a long-term plan for the associated bike-sharing programs, which are currently in a pilot phase.
LimeBike has been quietly promoting the Lime-S at community events in Seattle, hoping to gain support for the program, but the bike-safety event was one of the first occasions that real test rides were available. I can confirm that taking the Lime-S for many spins around the Ballard Elks Lodge parking lot is an incredibly enjoyable way to get around.

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