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Where to buy get my geek on online?

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“Geek the Library” is the name of a recent initiative to raise awareness of public libraries in the United States. I wholeheartedly support the campaign’s stated goal of improving public perceptions of libraries by emphasizing their value to communities. But it’s the way they’re using geek as a transitive verb to say “be geekily excited about” that fascinates me. I suppose you might tell I’m a geek with new ways to use the term geek.
The “Geek the Library” program, which was started by the nonprofit library cooperative OCLC with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation last year on a pilot basis in Georgia and Iowa, has now spread across the country. Exhortations to “get your geek on” and “tell what you geek” can be found on the campaign’s website. A mock dictionary entry explains the imaginative extension of geek as a verb:
The campaign has enlisted the support of several celebrities to share their “geek” interests. Lou Reed is a fan of poetry, while Brian Dennehy is a fan of schooners. Visitors are also encouraged to “show off what you geek” on the web. Bri Hughes of the Apostrophe Catastrophe blog, for example, declares that she is a word roots nerd. The campaign’s YouTube channel has a video that showcases a variety of geeky interests:

🌜 You see the geekin lyrics

Exceptional meaning

📄 Get your geek on store

get my geek ona) partaking in events that demonstrate a techie’s enthusiasm (techie being all things technological, real or fictional)

😊 Geekin meaning

b) showing true tech prowessa) “My son and I are going to the Wonders Of Space night at the science museum; I better get my geek on”b) “My girlfriend had her geek on all day: she fixed the timer in my tivo, then soldered the loose connections on my sound card and repartitioned the hard drives without a hitch”

😻 Gettin’ dumb

courtesy of focus5 15 June 200985 Flag Beatrix, get a get my geek on mug for your coworker. 24th of April The Day’s Word Punk in Finance Even as a “underground” or “radical” author, a cultural and aesthetic mindset that prioritizes making money. The job isn’t created for the sake of profit, but profit is the most important factor. “His stuff is pretty out there, but he’s still pretty Finance Punk,” says the narrator. Bienstock, Pop Pop 1st of April, 2021272

⚫ Thatpower

This subscription was purchased for my autistic son, who is 27 years old. I used to be a subscriber to LootCrate. However, since theirs did not arrive on time, I decided to cancel my subscription. It had nothing to do with the fact that they had declared bankruptcy! So, in his first package, Taz got a Transformers t-shirt, Star Trek graphic novels #7 and 8, a Nuka Cola pin from Fallout (God, I love that game! ), and a couple of DC Comics figurines that I’m not familiar with (since when does Superman have a mustache??). I’m curious about one thing: can I purchase the first six Star Trek novels on their own? And, if you haven’t already, can I suggest things from Skyrim or Stellaris?

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