Getting strange coins

Getting strange coins

Destiny: how to get strange coins – farming / looting

Players can win Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins by participating in Destiny 2’s new Halloween-themed live event, Festival of the Lost. Players will use those currencies to buy Eva Levante’s event masks and the Braytech Werewolf auto gun. Eva Levante also offers Epic Mystery Grab Bags, which contain a Legendary world drop and an Enhancement Heart.
Of course, when there’s anything to collect in Destiny 2, the question becomes how to farm Chocolate Strange Coins and Candy, particularly during a limited-time case. The good news is that there are a lot of ways to receive these currencies during Festival of the Lost, and how far players can go to get them depends on what they want.
To begin with, almost every action in the game will drop Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins, including killing enemies, beating Guardians, completing Crucible matches and attacks, patrolling, and completing the new Altar of Sorrows public case, among others. To play the game, all players must have the Masquerader’s Helmet fitted. These objects can drop fairly often when playing with the helmet on. If players want to take a more relaxed approach, steadily collecting Candy and Coins to purchase the masks and auto rifle before the event ends on November 19th, they should have no trouble doing so over the next few weeks.

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Strange Coins: How to Get Them

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LoadingStrange Coins can be earned by completing the Weekly Heroic Strikes (level 22 grants three, level 26 grants six, and level 28 grants nine), and they can also be found regularly during Public Events and Crucible matches. You can also get them by completing raid sections, decrypting Decoherent Engrams, finding loot chests, and completing a Queen’s bounty during Weekly Nightfall Strikes. They can also be found under the Prison of Elders in the loot chests.
Despite the fact that each Guardian can only collect a certain amount of Coins from Strikes each week, there’s nothing preventing you from putting them in the vault and switching them between characters. Playing Strikes allows you to win a total of 27 Strange Coins each week.

Destiny how to get strange coins fast and easy

The Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 is back for a second year, and this time it’s all about collecting Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. The new Braytech Werewolf auto rifle will be yours if you collect enough during the festival.
The Haunted Forest returns to Destiny 2 with a few improvements, including a fresh and shocking ending and an unkillable enemy that stalks you as you make your way through the Forest, just like last year.
When you arrive at the Tower for Festival of the Lost, the first thing you should do is find Eva, who is waiting at the bottom of the festival tree. She’ll give you a quest and let you buy items and challenges from her after a brief conversation. The Masquerader’s Cowl is one of the pieces available for purchase. You won’t be able to get Candy until you buy it and equip it. The Cowl is just 100 Glimmer and comes in any element form you desire.
After you’ve spoken with Eva, you should focus on the tree she’s standing under. On the opposite side of the tree from Eva, you’ll notice a few platforms. Collect the Candy that is sitting on these platforms by jumping on them. If you can climb to the top of the tree, you’ll find some Chocolate Strange Coins to launch your Festival of the Lost set.

Destiny “strange coins” – how to get “fast strange coins

The player must collect all one hundred Constellation Coins in order to complete the Strange Coins quest. One hundred thousand pelagos and the “Flowing” hairstyle are the rewards for doing so.
It is, however, incredibly simple to activate; all that is required is for the player to collect one coin. The radio switches on by itself when the coin is looked at in the collection book, as if it is picking up someone else’s transmission. This sentence has been left incomplete, says a mysterious voice. This enigmatic voice congratulates and thanks the player after the player has obtained all of the coins. The “Flowing” hairstyle is unlocked at this stage, and the player receives 100,000 Pelagos as well. L&L Diving Service also gains a prestige boost.

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