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According to Tomorrow’s UK journal, the United Kingdom will go into complete lockdown next week. TUI’s flight to Varadero on Sunday could be the last for a while. My wife and I are leaving for Varadero on Sunday. It is hoped that it will go forward.
It’s almost likely to happen. There doesn’t appear to be any other choice. As PJ suggests, now is a better time than Christmas. I’m not sure how this will impact TUI, but I’m guessing the flights will be canceled. We’ll have to wait to see what happens. Scotland would, if it has any meaning, follow England’s lead.

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I’ve only been to Cuba once, but it has completely captured my heart! (To the stage that I’m learning Spanish right now!) In Varadero, we stayed at the Paradisus Princesa Del Mar. My mom, though enjoying herself, was not as taken aback by it as I was. She’s been to Punta Cana and Costa Rica, and says they’re “lush” compared to Cuba. More “green,” more new fruit, etc.
Holguin has been on my mind. The Playa Pesquero, to be exact, as it is the best-rated resort for families with children (i am open to ideas). Is the region around Holguin as lush and green as the rest of the Caribbean, or is there anywhere better?
I recommend that you look into the Iberostar Ensenachos. Some of the criteria you listed in your post may be met, in my opinion. I’ve visited Cuba four times, each time in a different area (Varadero, Cayo Guillermo, Holguin & Cayo Ensenachos). So far, my best experience has been with IE. With two beaches, IE has three sections: kin, adult only, and Grand Village (14+).

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By invitation only, the British Embassy in Havana is available to the public. If you need urgent consular assistance, please contact the Embassy at +53 7 214 2200 and select the choice for urgent consular assistance (note there is a short time delay to connect to the officer). Due to the high volume of calls we are getting, it may take some time to communicate. We are also receiving a large number of email inquiries and may not be able to respond to yours immediately.
Due to insufficient oil reserves and deliveries, the Cuban government declared in September 2019 that it was taking steps to control energy and fuel supplies. Prioritizing materials for essential services and reducing transportation services is among the government’s initiatives. While the situation had stabilized, Coronavirus is now affecting services and stocks.
Dengue and Zika virus transmission are also a concern in Cuba, according to UK health officials. Visit the National Travel Health Network and Centre website for more information and advice. You should take precautions to prevent mosquito bites.

Fidel & raul castro’s legacy and what’s next for cuba

Throughout the day, the streets of Havana are bustling with visitors and locals. Few people own cars; instead, they walk, take taxis, or use public transportation, and many side streets have little traffic. Kassondra Cloos created this image. Cuba, year 2013.
In Cuba, it’s tough to be alone. People shout “Buenas das!” everywhere you go, particularly if you have the look and dead giveaway backpack of a “gringo” tourist. “Hello lady, would you like to take a look at this?” they exclaim to women.
I came to a halt and purchased a few figurines for friends back home from a woman who was sitting at a small table covered in traditional Cuban tourist souvenirs such as wooden dancers, beaded necklaces, and butterfly magnets. After I paid her, she said something to me and grabbed my elbows in the typical Cuban greeting of pressing her soft cheek against mine and making two rapid kissing sounds. I felt the Cuban people embrace me all of a sudden.
Cubans don’t seem to be in a rush. Hundreds of people gather along the sea wall that divides Havana’s outer road from the Atlantic, leaning languidly along the tan walls, talking with friends or simply watching cars pass by. At the same time, a cigar-smoking old lady in a fading flower hat sits on the stoop of a home with a decaying door frame deeper in the neighborhood. A man takes a nap in the seat of his battered pedicab, which he uses to transport visitors.

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