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Just after lunch, a customer walks into the Gold Rush II pawnshop, rushing past a huge collection of power tools on the floor and ignoring a long glass case brimming with various types of jewelry.

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“It was previously yellow gold. Everyone wants white gold these days “Don Crowder, the owner of the store, said. He’s been in the pawn business for more than 24 years at this Main Street location in downtown Champaign, where bargain hunters can peruse all kinds of used pieces, from guitars to TVs, stereos to laptops.
However, there are no firearms. Some shops in the area sell guns, but Crowder says it’s too much trouble. “High-hassle, low-profit,” says Ron Bryant, whose Leonard’s Pawn shop on East University Ave., a few blocks south of Gold Rush II, also doesn’t sell weapons. Their line of work has become a hot topic in Danville, where the city administration is urging aldermen to refuse a resident’s offer to open a fourth shop in the city this month. Unlike its neighbors, Danville restricts the number of pawnshop licenses to one for every 15,000 residents, “or part thereof,” allowing for a third license in a town of 32,000 people. The limitations are in place due to a “poor rap” that Crowder claims still exists in his sector. Mayor Scott Eisenhauer says that expanding Danville’s pawnshop licenses beyond the current cap of three would necessitate further man hours from local law enforcement to ensure that goods on sale were not stolen.

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John Pearson was an American judge and politician from New York who served from January 1802 to June 1875. Pearson matriculated at the College of New Jersey and then practiced law in Ohio, descended from an early American family. In 1832, he attempted to settle in Chicago, Illinois, but due to the Black Hawk War, he decided to move his family south to Danville instead. Pearson rose to prominence in Danville and was elected to the state circuit court. He spent two terms in the Illinois Senate after relocating to Joliet, Illinois. During the California Gold Rush, Pearson opened a prosperous store, but it was robbed. He returned to Danville and continued to manage real estate until his death.
John Pearson was born in January 1802 in Avon, New York. He was a descendant of Rev. Abraham Pierson, the elder, who arrived in America from England in 1639. Pearson studied law under George Hosmer after attending College of New Jersey. In 1826, he married and moved west to pursue his career. He was a lawyer in Ravenna, Ohio, where his brother-in-law Henry Storrs used to practice. Pearson later planned to travel west to Chicago, Illinois, after visiting relatives in Detroit, Michigan. 1st

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