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Group of six

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SIX will concentrate on its B2B market, with plans to strengthen its merchant (acquiring) and transaction processing operations (acquiring and issuing processing). This acquisition will have no impact on these two company units, which will continue to grow as SIX’s core businesses. The direct issuance of credit and prepaid cards to customers does not align with SIX’s strategic objectives.
The acquisition is another important move for easybank in maintaining its position as Austria’s leading direct bank, and it will help the company expand its core market by providing a world-class credit card team as well as new product offerings and features for its current customer base.

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Our six organizations represent the nation’s frontline doctors, who provide the vast majority of treatment to infants, pregnant women, seniors, and the elderly for a variety of physical, emotional, and behavioral health issues. Every day, the physicians we serve provide health care to patients in large and small communities, wealthy and impoverished urban and rural areas.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is the nation’s largest organization of doctors who specialize in women’s health. ACOG, a private, voluntary, charitable membership association of 60,000 members, actively advocates for quality health care for women, upholds the highest standards of clinical practice and continuing education for its members, encourages patient education, and raises awareness of the emerging issues facing women’s health care among its members and the general public. ACOG’s website can be found at (
The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) represents over 151,000 osteopathic physicians (DOs) and osteopathic medical students, as well as promoting public health, encouraging clinical research, serving as the official certifying body for DOs, and accrediting osteopathic medical schools. Visit to read more about DOs and the osteopathic theory of medicine (

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Two key factors contributed to the significant rise in operating income from the previous year (+21.8 percent) to CHF 1,375.9 million. SIX benefited from an additional financial contribution from the Spanish financial market infrastructure after the acquisition of BME was completed in June (CHF 196.6 million). The contribution from the Securities & Exchanges business unit (+11.7 percent) was boosted by the fact that SIX had a market share of nearly 100% in the trading of Swiss equities, despite EU equivalence remaining suspended.
In addition to the good operational results, SIX’s non-operating net financial result of CHF 273,8 million was substantially higher than the previous year. Two major factors contributed to this. To begin with, realized value gains from the selling of 10.1 million Worldline shares (5.5 percent of Worldline’s share capital), which SIX sold in April as part of an accelerated book-building process. Second, in October, Worldline completed the acquisition of payment services provider Ingenico, which was partially funded with newly issued shares and had a positive impact on SIX’s net financial result due to the higher value of Worldline shares already held by SIX.

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The impact of the current ‘Rule of Six’ limits on social events on group travel and the activities of coach and tour operators has been studied by travel and tourism industry bodies.
There are various interpretations of whether this means that typical group trips should take place at all, or if they can, how members of the group should act in order to stay under the ‘six individual’ threshold.
The Coach Tourism Association has received advice from the Department of Transport that operators will still be able to run tours based on their own business risk assessments concerning the number of passengers per coach, but while visiting an attraction, the existing guidance about bus, coach, and train travel will still apply.
This understanding seems to be correct if those taking coach trips are individuals or families who are taking conventional seats on coach excursions rather than pre-organized groups expecting to do things together under the guidance of a GTO.

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