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After prosecutors in Wuerzburg said he was being investigated for fraud and breach of confidence in relation to the British Virgin Islands-based K1 Global Sub Trust, Kiener was arrested after investigators raided his home in Aschaffenberg on Wednesday.
“There is a concern that the 50-year-old defendant did not comply with investment guidelines negotiated with an English and a French bank, among others, and has used several millions of dollars in contravention of agreements,” according to prosecutors.
BaFin, Germany’s financial markets regulator, declined to comment on the case, but said Kiener had been barred from managing financial portfolios since 2001, and that finance commission deals by K1 Invest had been barred since 2004.
The investment banking division of Barclays Bank, Barclays Capital, refused to comment on the arrest, stating only that it was cooperating with the investigation. Daniel Hunter, a spokesman for the company, declined to comment further.
Kiener promoted his K1 Fund Allocation System on his personal website. He said he created it and put it in place in 1996, and it has had more than 80% positive months and a net income of more than 770 percent since then.

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American investors are particularly interested in hedge funds. While some hedge funds provide substantial and timely returns, many investors falsely assume that they are a “secure” way to invest capital for high returns with little risk. This is far from the case, and hedge funds are among the most unpredictable and risky investment options available. Hedge funds are only appropriate for those types of investors. When hedge fund managers mismanage or defraud their clients’ investments, investors stand to lose a lot of money.
Hedge funds, also known as private wealth funds, pool money from a large number of investors to fund various strategies. Hedge funds aim to generate active returns for investors by using leverage and derivatives in the hopes of achieving high returns. Hedge funds are common among investors as a good portfolio diversifier because they have a low correlation with conventional portfolio investments like stocks and bonds.
Hedge funds use a variety of trading strategies to take advantage of market opportunities. Hedge funds are often classified by financial advisors based on their investment types. Each style has its own set of risks and potential rewards. Hedge funds are adaptable, with a wide range of models.

🏅 Hedge fund scandal

It’s Mark on the other end of the line. Is it Marcus, Mike, or Miles, for example? The voice is still the same, but the name varies from call to call. The same goes for his sidekick, who might be Tim, Tom, or Thomas.
Can you really expect guys who are stoned out of their minds working in a boiler room (apparently in Switzerland, but it could be anywhere) to recall which fictitious name they’re using today? Even so, keeping the same initials must help.
Mark and Tim have moved on from speculative high-tech stocks, limitless gold mines, and phony fixed-rate bonds. No, they took a much more sophisticated approach, advising me to invest in a hedge fund.
Hedge funds have developed a reputation as masters of the financial world. We all recall George Soros’ Quantum hedge fund’s 1992 bet against sterling, which nearly brought the nation to its knees. We’ve all heard tales of £5,000-a-bottle wines and Cristal on offer in Mayfair boardrooms of hedge funds.
So Mark and Tim were going to help me get a piece of the pie, demonstrating that they were on the cutting edge of financial advice and – more importantly – flattering me as a savvy investor who understood the idea.

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Over the years, there have been a number of hedge fund scandals. The Bernie Madoff investment case, as well as the Galleon Group and SAC Capital insider trading cases, are only a few examples. Despite the fact that the investment industry has been rocked by hedge fund scandals, the number of assets under management in hedge funds continues to rise.
For a hedge fund, the Bernie Madoff fiasco is the worst-case scenario. With Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC, Madoff was effectively operating a Ponzi scheme. Throughout his career, Madoff was a well-respected investment expert, though some doubted his credibility. He even served as the Chair of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), a self-regulatory body for the securities industry, and was instrumental in the establishment of the NASDAQ exchange.

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