Do you know which are the best hong kong to rmb?

Do you know which are the best hong kong to rmb?

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Hong Kong’s official currency is the Hong Kong dollar (sign: HK$; code: HKD). It’s broken down into 100 cents. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority is the government’s currency board as well as Hong Kong’s and the Hong Kong dollar’s de facto central bank.
The Hong Kong dollar is the world’s ninth most exchanged currency as of April 2019.
[3] Hong Kong uses a related exchange rate scheme, with the US$1:HK$7.75–7.85 range trading since May 2005. The Hong Kong dollar, in addition to being used in Hong Kong, is also used in Macau, where it is exchanged alongside the Macanese pataca. [number four]
By 1858, the British government had abandoned all efforts to manipulate the currency situation in Canada, and by the 1860s, Hong Kong had realized the same thing: there was no point in attempting to replace an already developed currency regime. The Royal Mint in London began issuing special subsidiary coinage for use in Hong Kong within the dollar system in 1863, though other national currencies continued to circulate unofficially for years after that. [5] A local mint was founded in 1866 on Hong Kong Island’s Cleveland Street in Causeway Bay for the purpose of minting Hong Kong silver dollar and half dollar coins with the same value and likeness as their Spanish/Mexican counterparts. [5] However, the new Hong Kong dollars were not well received by the Chinese, and the Hong Kong Mint was closed in 1868 at a loss of $440,000. The Hong Kong mint’s machinery was sold to Jardine Matheson first, then to the Japanese, who used it to produce the first Yen coins in 1870. Banknotes of the new British colonial banks, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China, started to circulate in Hong Kong and the wider area in the 1860s.

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You might find yourself needing to switch currency more frequently than you expected. Your company can need to pay overseas workers and suppliers in significant quantities by converting Yuan Renminbi to Hong Kong Dollar. You may also have personal reasons for converting your CNY to HKD, such as purchasing property in another country or paying for international university tuition. To optimize the bottom line and reduce the costs associated with foreign transfers, accept transfer payments whether you’re making a one-time payment or have an ongoing expense.
We understand that when exchanging and sending CNY to HKD, you want to get the best rate possible, which is why wire transfers via your personal bank are not recommended. Moving money across borders can be a complicated process. The whole procedure can take a long time, not to mention the high fees.

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There’s also this: free currency exchange rates (313) Yahoo Finance is a financial search engine (151) The European Central Bank is a central bank in Europe (33) The Russian Federation’s Central Bank (34) The Bank of Canada is the central bank of Canada (24) Charts of Bitcoin (16) The distributed ledger technology (blockchain) (24) China’s central bank (28) Azerbaijan’s Central Bank (45) Myanmar’s Central Bank (39) Republic of Kazakhstan’s National Bank (39) Ukraine’s National Bank (36) Reserve Bank of Australia (33) National Bank of Austria (19)
The Hong Kong dollar is Hong Kong’s currency.
The Hong Kong dollar’s symbol is $, and its ISO code is HKD.
There are 100 cents in a Hong Kong dollar.
The HKD exchange rate was last revised at 15:00:01 UTC on April 24, 2021.

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In Hong Kong, is it possible to swap RMB for USD? I’m a Malaysian with extra RMB that I’d like to convert for a trip to the United States. I want to exchange approximately RMB 20,000. (3000 USD). And where would you suggest I go to do that? Thank you.
Most money changers will do this; expect it to be converted RMB > HKD and then HKD > USD – a round number in USD notes and any remaining in HKD. In total, you will pay 1% in exchange fees for these two currencies.
I’d rather do it in Malaysia, where I could first convert RMB to RM and then buy USD with RM. Find out where you can get the best prices for your transactions in Bukit Bintang, especially around Sungei Wang Plaza.
Hello, Judi. In the Hong Kong airport, I had a terrible currency exchange experience. The rate is too low, and the salesmen are obnoxious. Here are five different ways to exchange RMB in Hong Kong that have been checked. I hope you find it useful.
Given the current mid-rate of 100 USD = 690 RMB, I’d expect money changers in places like Chungking Mansions to send you more than 685 RMB, most likely over 687 RMB, given how close the usual spread is for both USD and RMB exchanges. This isn’t a poor rate by any means. Other money changers (tiny kiosks tucked into cracks in the wall) should have similar prices.

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