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Last miute offers for hooked up seafood online

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A wide range of fish entrees are available, as well as a delicious soup. Takeout is available, or you can dine on their bayside patio. While seafood is not cheap, it is extremely new. Parking is scarce and difficult to come by. The steamed crabs were excellent; certainly worth the $5…
The freshest seafood you’ll find in the Wildwoods!! They catch it, clean it, and cook it right in front of your eyes… incredible clams, and if it’s on the menu, the John Dory fish is the most buttery light white fish I’ve ever had…
Everything is cooked to perfection, no matter what we order. We started with clams and shrimp this time. The swordfish entree, as well as the fish tacos, were excellent. As word spreads about this venue, it appears to be more crowded. The Fisherman’s Story…
We’ve been driving past this seafood shack for years, intending to visit, but never did until today. We’ve been lacking a fantastic seafood restaurant. A converted trailer with a few picnic tables on a fishing dock serves as the “restaurant.” Please don’t be…

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Our goal is to provide the highest quality seafood to local markets and restaurants that is locally sourced and responsibly caught, while also protecting local fisheries and supporting family-run businesses. We want to establish a direct partnership between fishermen and consumers by providing the best quality seafood and making it readily available to the general public.
Captain Bill Bright has been a professional commercial fisherman in the Atlantic Ocean for more than 35 years. In pursuit of Swordfish, Tuna, and Tilefish, he sets out from Wildwood, New Jersey.
We place a premium on a lean and clear supply chain. Your fish travels directly from the deepest, coldest waters to the F/V Defiance’s ice tanks, and then to your side. It’s that simple; there’s no middleman, only the freshest seafood available, delivered directly to your plate.
Condensed fishing trips and fast retrieval from the coldest part of the water column ensure that the freshest fish possible enters the dock and, eventually, your plate. The F/V Defiance employs sustainable fishing techniques that result in a high-quality product with limited bycatch.

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Bright, who resembles Joe Biden’s outdoorsy younger brother, owns Hooked-Up Seafood in Wildwood, the Jersey Shore’s southernmost barrier island, with his wife, Michelle, and four children. In 2009, he planted red crustacean-shaped signs on the road leading up to his gravel-and-crushed seashell lot. “You put a crab sign up, and it just draws people in,” he says, describing a successful marketing strategy that drew people in when Hooked-Up was just getting started. Bright, who opened the restaurant so he could spend more time with his family on property, would prefer you to try the fish.
Bright’s boars, Retriever and Defiance, race up and down the coast, fishing off the continental shelf, from Virginia to Long Island. Hooked-Up serves whatever they catch, including yellowfin and big-eye tunas, mahi, swordfish, and the occasional coveted John Dory. Hooked-Up has developed into the go-to seafood spot for in-the-know locals over the last nine seasons, thanks to word of mouth and loyal repeat customers. Crabs now account for just 20% of business; most diners prefer hunky seared or blackened fish steaks served on durable paper plates with foil-wrapped ears of sweet Jersey corn by Michelle, the chef.

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We at Hooked Up Seafood can attest to the fact that fresh, local food tastes better, which is why we take pride in understanding where all of our items come from. All should be aware of where their food comes from, as well as how it was harvested and treated. That’s why we’re here to assist with the launch of our new Boat to Table miniseries. We want you to enjoy Jersey Fresh as much as we do.
We want to emphasize in these videos that the seafood is correctly sourced, sustainably caught, and transported quickly. This approach preserves the freshness of the fish, ensuring that our customers obtain the highest quality seafood.
Captain Bill began to miss his family more and more after spending years at sea catching fish. He was searching for something to do with his four children that would hold them all together while still teaching them important life skills.
The Brights came up with the concept for Hooked Up Seafood as a family. Captain Bill’s fishing boat, Defiance, was already a member of a complex network that sold high-quality seafood all the way from New York to Tokyo. Bill was able to share his fishing experiences as well as teach customers about the origins of fresh seafood at Hooked Up Seafood.

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