How does robinhood make money reddit

How does robinhood make money reddit

Reddit traders will eventually look for other options: crypto pro

Millennials have been flocking to simpler, low-cost investment options. Investment applications seem to be the way of the future, given the convenience of online or app-trading for younger investors. In reality, in 2019, investment app Robinhood surpassed online brokerage E*TRADE (ETFC) – Get Report with its 3.7 million users, more than doubling its growth from the previous year (as of last year). Robinhood has attracted investors who are looking for a low-cost, easy way to invest on their mobile devices thanks to its commission-free model. However, the question remains: how does Robinhood make money? What Is the Meaning of Robinhood? Robinhood is a commission-free online investing and trading app that was introduced in 2013. It allows investors to exchange stocks, ETFs, futures, and even cryptocurrencies without paying commissions. The software was created with Apple in mind.

Gamestop mania: how reddit traders took on wall street

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Robinhood Markets is a discount brokerage with a website and mobile app that provides commission-free trading.
Payments for order flow, a normal but contentious activity in which a broker is paid and receives other benefits in return for guiding orders to various parties for trade execution, bring in a lot of money for the company. This revenue is referred to as “rebates from market makers and trading venues” by Robinhood. While payments for small retail trades are marginal, a business that directs billions of dollars in trades to market makers will gain a lot of money.

Reaction to gamestop short, robinhood & reddit drama

After freezing trades for GameStop on Jan. 28, the famous investing app Robinhood became the core of the controversy. The stock of the video game store soared after traders on Reddit started purchasing the company’s stock in a panic. Since then, GameStop’s stock has plummeted, only to rise again. When a group of Reddit users saw a chance to make money while also making a dig at Wall Street and hedge funds, Robinhood was instrumental. However, Robinhood made the unexpected decision to limit GameStop purchases, citing concerns about volatile stock and regulatory requirements. Robinhood has been scrutinized by its customers, regulators, and lawmakers as a result of its role in the trading frenzy.
We are limiting transactions for some stocks, including $AMC and $GME, to place closing only due to current market uncertainty. More details can be found here. CdJMjGAeFH — January 28, 2021, Robinhood (@RobinhoodApp)
Axos, the clearing broker that handles our transactions, has temporarily suspended purchases of $AMC and $NOK. This was not a decision made by Cash App, and we strongly oppose it. We anticipate making these stocks available for purchase as soon as possible. February 2, 2021 — Cash App (@CashApp)

It’s a stock war: wall street & robinhood shut down

Following some recommendations on this sub, I started a Robinhood account a few months ago. I deposited a small sum of money into the account and began researching individual stocks. So far, after 2.5 months, I’m up 12%, owing to the fact that I can trade stocks without worrying about commissions. By no means day trading, but buying and selling within a few days to a few weeks. My question is, if I (an inexperienced stock trader) can do it, what’s the catch? Is there something else I should be concerned about in the future (unexpected fees, taxes, losing out on a possible financial return elsewhere, etc.)? Any guidance from those who have more expertise in this field will be greatly appreciated! Sidenote: For a more secure investment path, I still have a Vanguard IRA and ETFs; this was just a small foray into the stock market. 135 answers 90 percent upvoted by sharesavehidereport This discussion has been ended. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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