How long does a buyer have to open a dispute on paypal

How long does a buyer have to open a dispute on paypal

Paypal chargebacks | how to win every dispute

Thank you for your assistance. Item not As Described is still a concern – I saw a case recently where the customer claimed to have just recently started using the item after four months and had a problem with it. Does Paypal consider this a problem that wasn’t as described or a warranty issue that they don’t cover?
Thank you, that’s just what I needed.
So, if a buyer claims they haven’t used the item, Paypal will refund the money long after the buyer’s contractual right to a refund has passed.
Is this the kind of thing a customer might expect if they file a chargeback with their credit card company?
Is the Paypal policy designed to compare the buyer’s rights with those available via a credit card chargeback, thus removing the need for buyers to use the credit card chargeback facility?

How to open up a dispute / claim in paypal

1. What is the difference between a PayPal demand and a PayPal payment? When a buyer contacts PayPal to report a problem with an item, this is known as a PayPal claim. If a buyer does not receive their item or the item received is not as defined in the original item description, a claim is filed. PayPal has the authority to examine the facts and make a decision on the dispute’s outcome.
3. What is a bank reversal, and how does it work? When PayPal receives notice from the buyer’s bank that the transaction sponsored by their bank account was unauthorized, a bank reversal occurs. PayPal initiates a bank reversal investigation to determine if the transaction is fraudulent.
When a customer files a PayPal claim or a bank reversal, what happens to my funds? If you receive a PayPal dispute for a transaction that is less than 60 days old, your PayPal account will be debited for the full sum of the transaction. The entire sum of the transaction is debited from your Ruby Lane Shop account if the transaction is older than 60 days.
6. How would I know if a buyer has lodged a PayPal dispute with Ruby Lane? Ruby Lane will give you (the shop owner) an email with details about the dispute and a request for your decision about how to respond.

How to resolve a customer dispute as a paypal seller

If you’ve done a lot of online shopping, you’ve also had the bad luck of a transaction not going as planned. Perhaps the item you ordered never came, or if it did, it wasn’t as advertised by the seller. And you got no answer when you tried to fix it with the seller.
With statements like “if your qualifying PayPal purchase doesn’t go as expected, we’ll help make things right with Buyer Protection,” PayPal’s Buyer Protection program, which promises to cover eligible transactions plus shipping costs up to the amount of $20,000, promotes itself as a way to “shop with trust.”
On the surface, PayPal appears to be giving you the risk-free online shopping you’ve always wanted. However, you should be mindful of the scheme’s limitations. The defense isn’t always superior to that provided by a credit card chargeback.
This applies to both physical and “intangible” objects purchased online, such as e-tickets for events that were canceled or apps that did not update.

How to dispute a paypal transaction and get a full refund

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Oh, I just realized how to respond:) I’m sorry, but I just asked another question about it. They didn’t even open the package, it seems. They bought a lot of things and invested a lot of money, and now they want the money rather than the stuff. Unfortunately, it’s been more than a month, and I still wish I had that money:)
So, what is the point of a 14-day return period?
If they have 30 days for a refund or 45 days with PayPal, they can get away with saying item not as defined when they really don’t want it any longer. It’s a joke.
Many consumers assume that if you have a “no return” policy, the only way to fix an issue is to open a lawsuit. Cases that have been opened are considered defective. When you accept returns, you accept them regardless of the cause, and customers are supposedly less likely to file a complaint against you (I don’t have any statistics to back this up). It allows you to sort out any issues with the customer.

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