How old is token

How old is token

Token, child rap prodigy | uncharted: the power of dreams

3 August 2018, Toronto, ON – Token, a rising Boston rapper, takes his friendship with his fans very seriously. Token was motivated to show another side of himself by the criticism of one in particular, and he made it the theme of his latest single Flamingo, which was released today along with the accompanying video. Token and Ben Proulx reunite for the final installment of the video series, which also includes Always Believe In Heroes (watch it here) and One Like Equals (watch it here) (watch here).
Token kicked off 2018 with his headlining Have You Seen Him? Tour, which crisscrossed North America and Europe earlier this year. He’s also been featured on, XXL, Boston Globe, and a slew of other websites, and his music has climbed the Vevo charts to the Top 10 with millions of views.
Ben Goldberg, better known by his stage name Token, was born and raised north of Boston, Massachusetts. Ben was introduced to hip-hop at a young age, and by the age of six, he was writing down his feelings and emotions about life events and expressing himself through poetry. Ben started adding melody to these lyrics and recording them as raps when he was ten years old. What began as a means of self-expression quickly evolved into a passion. Rather than hanging out with his peers like most kids his age, Ben remained at home, honing his craft and honing his artistry under his now-famous stage name, Token.

16 year old rapper named token spits for r.a the rugged

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Token – youtube rapper ft. tech n9ne

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Token – exception (official video)

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He started rapping at a young age and amassed a huge following on YouTube thanks to his music videos. He wrote his first song when he was ten years old. He began building his fan base when he was 17 years old. On August 26, 2012, he launched the official YouTube channel. In total, 131 million people have watched the channel. [two] [three]

Token – no sucka mcs contest

Token (Ben Goldberg) is a white rapper from Massachusetts who was born in 1998. After the release of the video for the song “No Sucka Mcs Contest” in 2015, which received nearly 4 million views, he became well-known. More releases, videos, mixtapes, and tours followed, establishing him as a household name in the global hip-hop community, both in person and online.
Parents: Token’s mother or father’s names, as well as their ages and occupations, are kept a secret.
Token has a girlfriend, whom he refers to in his song “Code Red.”
Wives and children: As of 2018, Token is not married, and he has never been married before. He still has no children and has no intentions to have any in the immediate future.

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