How to check nike gift card balance

How to check nike gift card balance

How to check your gift card balance

Nike Gift Cards can be used to purchase items on,, and, as well as at any Nike or Converse store location in the United States and Puerto Rico. Nike Gift Cards can also be used at, where you can personalize Nike shoes with the colors and features of your choice.
CONDITIONS AND TERMS: Nike Gift Cards can be used to purchase merchandise at,,, any Nike and Converse store location in the United States and Puerto Rico, or by calling 1-800-806-6453. Hurley Gift Cards cannot be redeemed in Hurley stores. Any remaining balance on the Gift Card will be held for future transactions until redemption. Except where allowed by law, Gift Cards can not be redeemed or exchanged for cash. If a Gift Card is lost or stolen, it will not be replaced. Gift cards are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. Nike Gift Cards have no expiration date. Visit for more details and to check the balance of your Gift Card.
DISCLAIMER: Nike reserves the right to reject, cancel, or keep gift cards and orders for review if there is a suspicion of fraud or other policy violations. Nike, Inc.’s Swoosh Logo is a registered trademark. Both intellectual property rights are reserved. This promotion does not include NIKE as a member or sponsor.

Gift card warning

You can buy Nike eGifts for others, such as your employees, clients, and suppliers. Without our prior written permission, you can not buy Nike eGifts for resale or for use in commercial, promotional, or marketing activities.
If the overall cost of the products purchased exceeds the value of the eGift, the remaining balance must be paid in cash, debit/credit card, or another gift card/eGift at Nike shops, or by credit card, Paypal, or another gift card/eGift at
Simply check the box next to “Do you have a Nike gift card?” during the payment process of checkout to use your eGift on Click “apply” after entering your eGift number and PIN (do not include spaces).
Enter the first gift card/eGift and press “apply” before entering another gift card/eGift if you’re paying with several Nike gift cards/eGifts. The value of your gift card/eGift will be deducted from the order total after you enter your gift card/eGift number.
Any portion of the purchase made with a credit card or PayPal account will not be paid until the goods are shipped, while the eGift balance will be automatically reduced. Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions for online shopping and website use is required for all purchases made with gift cards/eGifts. You accept that you have thoroughly read and consent to completely comply with all Terms and Conditions.

Nike gift card winner announced

Nike Gift Cards can be redeemed for any Nike product on UK or in any Nike-owned store in the United Kingdom. The card entitles the customer to buy athletic footwear from well-known brands including Nike Air Max, Air Jordan, and Zoom. Nike Gift Cards can also be used to buy tops, t-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, swimwear, and much more on the Nike website and in stores.
Nike is the most well-known sportswear company in the world, with a worldwide following. Nike Gift Cards are suitable for use as a consumer benefit or sales bonus because Nike is a highly coveted brand. The cards may also be used to motivate or reward employees.
Since Nike has such a large selection of athletic shoes and accessories, the recipient of the gift card would be able to spend it on something that is just right for them. Anyone, regardless of where they live in the United Kingdom, can use the Nike Gift Card to buy something new on
Whether you’re a company or organization looking to buy more than £10,000 worth of gift cards or gift certificates, or need an organized solution for employee or customer incentives, our Business Services team may help.

Nike gift card

Nike is a top-of-the-line footwear manufacturing company based in the United States that serves consumers all over the world. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman formed the company on January 25, 1964, in Eugene, Oregon, United States. Converse, Hurley International, and other Nike subsidiaries exist.
The company creates, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells an exclusive line of high-quality footwear all over the world. The company also offers equipment, accessories, clothing, and services to its customers in addition to footwear. You can still check out their product line by going to their official website. If you or someone in your family enjoys shopping at Nike, you can purchase a Nike gift card.
Your gift card will be directly debited for the cost of your order. If your card’s balance is insufficient to cover the purchase price, you can still make up the difference with another means of payment. You can pay for the same order with several credit cards. Nike eGift cards are sent to you instantly by email in a matter of minutes, while a traditional gift card takes a long time to arrive.

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